Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas time!

Well, it's our first Christmas as parents. Better step up the decorations a little from last year...

However, it's our first Christmas as parents, so we better put the decorations literally on a higher level so that they don't get pulled down by a certain standing cutie pie living around here.

So, I folded the tinsel garland in half to adorn one of our doorways. Totally out of her reach.

I really love that ornament I hung up there. Here's a close-up for your enjoyment:

That's a traditional Hungarian House Blessing. I sat in a lot of kitchens and read this in a pretty framed artwork.

Where there's Faith, there's Love.
Where there's Love, there's Peace.
Where there's Peace, there's Blessing.
Where there's Blessing, there's God.
Where God is,
There's no need.

Nice, isn't it?

Alas, we have no mantel, so I put our stockings up on the wall. Eh, it keeps them out of the baby's reach.

And our humble little tree. Up high on a table. And surrounded by half of the ole Super Yard (the other half now lives around the elliptical).

We still haven't picked out the smaller ornaments we want to use this year, but we (I) had to put up our First Christmas Together ornament.

I'm really looking forward to the years going by and seeing our ornaments tell the story of our lives together.

And finally, I wanted to up something for the outside, too. It's not much, the garland doesn't even go all the way around, but it's pretty from the street.

And a pretty sunset for us on the inside. We actually keep the blinds down and it looks nicer from the inside, but I still dig the glow they give through them.

My plan is to hit the after Christmas sales every year and keep building up our stockpile of decorations (last year I focused on getting gift-wrapping supplies).

So even though Kendra won't remember her first Christmas, she'll know that just for her we wanted to make it special.

Merry Christmas!

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Kristina said...

Oh so cute! I love decorating for Christmas. And Simeon loves undecorating for Christmas :P We replaced all our glass ornaments with shatter proof and it's a good thing because they get thrown across the kitchen like balls on a regular basis :) Love your decorations!