Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laughing until we hurt...

Grant and I have been watching Everybody Loves Raymond and we're finally about to wrap up the series. Often when we're watching I pause it to tell Grant why the episode's drama is kinda dumb because the wife is being totally unreasonable.

In the episode we're watching tonight, Raymond had given his wife a necklace for her birthday that she began the episode announcing that she loves it and that people have been giving her compliments about it all week long. Only low and behold, Raymond didn't even buy the necklace, his mother did. Raymond had forgotten about her birthday altogether.


Okay, this is totally unreasonable, and it doesn't make him a bad husband. It makes him a man. A busy, working man. And it doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife.

I turned to Grant to make these statements and I illustrated my point by asking, "Do you know when my birthday is?"

He sheepishly sat in silence. "I'll remember it...soon..."

And he came up with the right date, July 8th.

And I said, "But you probably won't think to yourself on like June 2oth, 'Ashley's birthday is coming up, I need to get her a present...' You probably won't remember until July 7th, right?" Mind you, this is not a dis. It's just how a man is.

"I will if Facebook tells me..."

We started laughing out loud at the truth of this. And then I realized what was actually funny.

He hadn't remembered when my birthday was, I had just added pictures on Facebook and my profile was up, which announces that my birthday is July 8.

Ohhhh, it was hilarious. We laughed for a couple of minutes straight, and that's exactly my point in thinking it was totally unreasonable for Debra to be mad at Raymond. But you might have had to be there. I love Grant so dearly...but he's horrible with dates. In fact, if Facebook, me, his mother or his sister never reminded him about all the family birthdays, no one would get any happy wishes from him. And it's not a dis or a bad thing. He's warm and kind and loving in many ways, it would make about as much sense for me to get offended that he doesn't remember when my birthday is as would to get offended at a dog for chasing a cat.

But it makes him feel like a failure as a husband when that stuff slips his mind, so could someone of the female persuasion please remind him when my is coming up so that he doesn't feel terrible when he sees the reminder on his Facebook sidebar realizes he doesn't have enough time to get me something?


Danielle said...

Oh how I love that show. And just because I'm a snot, I removed my birth date from facebook a couple weeks before my birthday so no one would write on my wall. I don't like the attention. :P But I clearly have issues.

Amanda said...

I'm on it. Reminder is even on my phone's calendar to remind him around June 25th. :-)

Kristina said...

Ya, men are men . . . you can't help that. But if Seth actually forgot my birthday completely I'm sure I would be pretty upset :) We love Everybody Loves Raymond though. It's one of our favorite shows (though we haven't watched it since we stopped having tv.

Peterson Family said...

That is so true, but the horrible thing is that I am soooooo bad at remembering special dates too! Now I want to go watch me some "Everybody Loves Ramond".
Okay, I love your family photo shoot!!! So real, I have no idea how people get those pictures with everyone in the family having perfect smiles and their eyes open in the shot, I have come to the conclusion that it is a physical impossibility when you have a little one. I love the pictures though, a lot of them turned out too cute!!!