Sunday, January 11, 2015

Those other kids of ours...

Although my sparse blogging doesn't show it very well (and Facebook is even worse--I never post pictures on Facebook until I've already blogged them and the most current ones there are over a year old...oops), we are actually keeping up with our goal to take pictures of each of the kids at least once a month very nicely.  So while we did get lots of pictures of our new addition this Spring, we kept right up with her siblings as well.

I found a couple of sweet, sweet hats in the $1 bins at Target that Elliot first really latched onto.


But not to be outdone in the sweet, sweet things-on-my-head department, the same day we snapped that shot of Elliot, Kendra simply couldn't choose between the two flowers I set out for her, so she wore them both to church that Sunday.

Though as we had 1pm church and Paxton was only 18 months old...he stayed home with me and Bridget all Spring and sported only frog and black cat headbands that day.

There was also some experimentation with various forms of color.  For Elliot, he dabbled quite a bit in markers.  Now you know why we always get WASHABLE ones.

While Kendra was eager to try fingernail polish after seeing it on her teachers at preschool (who were all high school students).  Luckily this obsession hit right before Easter, so I picked up a set for half off after the holiday.  She was very pleased.

Then one day we randomly discovered that there would be a small but free Renaissance Fair in town, so Grant decided to take the older two down to check it out.  And anyone who's anyone attends a Ren Fair in costume.  So we dressed them up a little for their day out with Daddy.

And even though I was in newborn fog of caring for a new baby, this time I had three other children that I started to miss if I went too long without spending time with them so we were able to play a little from time to time.

Such silly monkeys.  Such a lucky Mommy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting to Know Bridget

Spring is such a lovely time of year.  And we had a lovely baby to spend it with.  From the day of her birth, Bridget has been an absolute delight of a baby and a darling addition to our family.

She was warmly welcomed by her older siblings.

Okay, so Paxton was rather indifferent for the first six months or so.

Though Elliot immediately took enough interest for all three of them put together.

And those are the highlights from her first month with us.  Grant and I are both very committed to making sure that each of our children has plenty of documentation throughout their lives and seeing as how this just a small sample of the shots we got her first month, I'd say we are definitely on the right foot.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Meeting Bridget

Motherhood is...a lot of things.  It really runs the entire spectrum of the human experience.  One thing that has taken me by surprise is how much I miss my children when we're separated.  So when I have a new baby, even though I am so excited to meet the new one and spend some one on one time, it doesn't take long before I'm ready to see the older ones and for them to meet their new sibling.

These are some of my favorite moments of our family's history.

In this first video, the kids come in and see her for the first time, and we can behold all of the pestilence that plagued our family at the time of Bridget's birth.  When I went into labor, I was not a happy camper.  Even though she was a week and a day late, I did not want to bring a new baby home when all of us were sick.  She did not get the memo.

After we got all the little hands sanitized and went over proper coughing procedures, we started to let the kids get a closer look and Kendra was the first to hold her.

And then it was Elliot's turn.  A lot of people told me that Kendra would be so into the baby and just want to hold her all the time, etc, etc...and she enjoys Bridget, for sure.  But it is Elliot who has always been the most enthusiastic older sibling by an extremely wide margin each time a new baby has come into the family after him.  I later realized that Bridget is really Elliot's baby, I just grew her for him.  So this is when he held her for the very first time.

This was a very sweet day for our was also an intense realization and the first time I thought to myself, "What.  On earth.  Did I just get myself into...??" because that is an awful lot of really small children in that room, and I just had a baby.  But I have also felt daily affirmations that each of our children were supposed to be here exactly when they arrived.  We are very, very blessed.

Yep.  Definitely his baby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Snapshots of our Life

When I did my Winter Photo Dump, I forgot to go through and add a few videos.  We take lots of them but I try to be very selective about the ones I post on our blog.

This first clip is a significant one because it's one where we caught Elliot doing something that he does all.  The.  Time.  And those are really important to us.

This little word/phrase is such a commonplace component in our vernacular that Grant usually uses it to address him, "Elliot Oh Yoyyoyyoyyoy."  I'll be so sad when he doesn't do it anymore.

As most of the readers of this blog personally experienced, this past winter was no joke.  I tried to remember that here in Pennsylvania, we had not one, but two very mild winters before it.  In fact, the one the year before this one was actually problematically mild--the trees started to flower early and then there was a freeze, but that was actually the normal weather for the year--and the farmers suffered for it.

Besides colder temperatures, there was also an unreal amount of precipitation.  So.  Much.  Snow.  And then more snow.  Then maybe a layer of ice for good measure.  And then more snow.  We got to a point where we didn't have sidewalks, we had ditches dug out to be pathways.  It got old REAL fast.  One way I found to deal with my frustrations with the snow was to shovel it.  I had a LOT of opportunities to shovel snow.  And sometimes I got some help with it...

She's so awesome.

I totally grew that awesome person in my body.

Blows.  My.  Mind.

We also have a nifty feature on our DSLR that captures video as well as take pictures.  I forgot that when I made the post about the Pig Piles that I switched back and forth between these features and got some video footage of that Fun.

And last is a longer one.  We are not in a place where going to the movies as a family is something that is really practical for us, we tend to wait for things to come to Redbox and see if we like it.  So we hadn't seen Frozen before it was released on DVD.  But it was kind of a smash hit in this house, so we purchased it soon after we watched it and not long after that this video was taken:

This video is particularly interesting to us because it is SUCH an accurate snapshot of our life at that time.  Kendra was singing.  And wearing a dress-up dress rather than street clothes.  I was on the sofa with Bridget, who was only 4 days old.  She, Elliot and I are all wearing jammies--the kids and I spent more time in jammies than not this Spring.  Except Kendra, because she preferred to dress up.  Elliot was doing his own thing and then wanted to come participate in Kendra's game but eventually got distracted by his interest in the baby and ultimately spend most of his time with her instead.

And those three minutes totally capture it all.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pig Piles (with Daddy)

Growing a person is exhausting.  Raising people you have already grown, also exhausting.  Doing both at the same time?  Well...I spent a good deal of this fourth pregnancy like this:

But luckily we ain't in this on our own.  We have Daddy, and he really loves his job.  So I do a lot of the caring for the children, and he does a lot of the playing.  And Daddies aren't Mommies, when they play, they mean business.


So many children.

So much fun.