Sunday, July 10, 2016

Growing up

Last summer marked a very significant even in the journey of our parenting: our oldest child lost her first baby tooth.

I was really taken aback by how much this event impacted me.  I teared up as a texted my own mother to tell her that the tooth was loose.  Maybe it was just pregnancy hormones, but it really hit home to me that, "WOW.  This kid is growing up.  She won't be a kid forever.  It's already begun."

It was loose for a few weeks until one day I was reading to her before bed and she realized it was gone!  Luckily, it had fallen out while she had brushed her teeth a few minutes beforehand and it hadn't even gone down the drain so we were able to recover it.

I'm pretty big on not wanting to stand in for any beings visiting our house to bring things for the kids (I'm very supportive of anyone who does, I just have my own reasons for not wanting to do it myself), but Kendra had asked if one of us could play Tooth Fairy for her tooth.  Well, that I could handle, if she knows it's one of us *playing* Tooth Fairy, so we arranged for Daddy to take on the role.  There was further request for wanting him to dress in costume for the occasion.  Unfortunately Daddy was out of town to defend his dissertation (successfully, YAY!) so she had to wait a couple of days for that experience, but it was well worth the wait for her.

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