Sunday, January 11, 2015

Those other kids of ours...

Although my sparse blogging doesn't show it very well (and Facebook is even worse--I never post pictures on Facebook until I've already blogged them and the most current ones there are over a year old...oops), we are actually keeping up with our goal to take pictures of each of the kids at least once a month very nicely.  So while we did get lots of pictures of our new addition this Spring, we kept right up with her siblings as well.

I found a couple of sweet, sweet hats in the $1 bins at Target that Elliot first really latched onto.


But not to be outdone in the sweet, sweet things-on-my-head department, the same day we snapped that shot of Elliot, Kendra simply couldn't choose between the two flowers I set out for her, so she wore them both to church that Sunday.

Though as we had 1pm church and Paxton was only 18 months old...he stayed home with me and Bridget all Spring and sported only frog and black cat headbands that day.

There was also some experimentation with various forms of color.  For Elliot, he dabbled quite a bit in markers.  Now you know why we always get WASHABLE ones.

While Kendra was eager to try fingernail polish after seeing it on her teachers at preschool (who were all high school students).  Luckily this obsession hit right before Easter, so I picked up a set for half off after the holiday.  She was very pleased.

Then one day we randomly discovered that there would be a small but free Renaissance Fair in town, so Grant decided to take the older two down to check it out.  And anyone who's anyone attends a Ren Fair in costume.  So we dressed them up a little for their day out with Daddy.

And even though I was in newborn fog of caring for a new baby, this time I had three other children that I started to miss if I went too long without spending time with them so we were able to play a little from time to time.

Such silly monkeys.  Such a lucky Mommy.