Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back from Hiatus

Well, we've had a busy, busy time here in Chicago...so here's a bunch of videos to catch you all up.

Kendra has an obsession with the phone. As in, I can't talk to anyone on the phone without her going a little bizzurk. I have to put it on speakerphone so that she can hear, too. We gave her an old broken phone to play with, but it turns out she doesn't need an actual phone to play "phone".

The first object is our can opener, the second is an alarm clock. Inventive, no?

Kendra's moves have been well documented, but they're evolving. Now, she doesn't just shake her tush.

She also turns in a circle if she really gets into the music, but I haven't gotten a video of that. Yet.

We've been introducing Kendra to silverware...it's a slow process. So far, the most success we've had has been if we let her feed us also. She takes it to great lengths, actually...

So funny!

And speaking of funny, we got this video a while back. She just started dragging that walker back and forth for the better part of half an hour (funny how she plays with that toy all the time now that she can walk, when we bought it for her to help her learn how to walk)...

Actually, she does this all the time while I'm cleaning. She just marches into the kitchen with this toy...she even picks it up on her way, as if she needs it to come see what I'm up to. Silly girl.

So that brings us to our last one, which I always save for my favorite.

My Dad came to visit us last week, and he brought birthday presents for his littlest girl.  And he brought the best.  Present.  Ever.  Check it out:

I started crying when I realized what it was.  I love that Kendra can open it to any page and hear her doting Grandpa's voice.  And she does.  A lot.  In fact, the only reason she's not modeling it herself is that she likes to flip the pages at random and I wanted a video of the whole thing from start to finish.  I think it's pretty awesome.

So, that catches you up, but there is definitely more to follow!

Friday, June 11, 2010

When Mommy is away...

A couple of weeks ago I had a church function on a Saturday morning and I left my 2 favorite people in the world at home to keep each other company in my absence.

When I came home, our apartment looked like a tornado had blown through!

This shot does give you an idea...sort of.  It was pretty crazy, though.  I mean, I can't make plans with anyone to do anything on Mondays because I spend it "cleaning up after Hurricane Grant and Tropical Storm Kendra", but this was only noon on Saturday and we still had a good 30+ hours of weekend left!

And apparently, while when Daddy comes home, it's sprint for the door to give him kisses as soon as she hears the keys.  But when Mommy comes home, she didn't even notice!  Hoser!

Yes, I just called my one-year-old daughter a "hoser".
Anyway.  When I finally went to her and picked her up (I'm not gonna lie, it was weird to be out without her for just a couple of hours), I noticed something different.  Like the fact that she was covered in BLUE!

We're still not quite sure how that happened...let me know if you figure it out, though, k?

It was fun to go out for a little while, but the best part was definitely coming home...I love my family.  Even if they do destroy the house and get mysteriously covered in ink while my head is turned, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This one "speaks" for itself...

She's got all the sounds to make real words, as you can tell.  She just doesn't put them together...yet.

Fun on the run

Even though we've really delved into amateur photography, I love having a camera that literally fits into a coin purse and I can take with me everywhere and whip out anywhere.

Like, for example, Sam's Club...

Or maybe the Lincoln Park Zoo...

Or at the end of a perhaps too-long afternoon...

Someone's Mommy might hand her bits of granola bar from the front seat when she gets cranky on the ride home...

 Or even at home for fun timer pics...

Or at Petland (aka: the most amazing pet store around).

She does this every time she sees a dog.  There might be a furry friend in our future.

Or at Home Depot...


Yeah, in case we haven't mentioned it before, we do have some fun...