Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer fun

I bought a little fold up pool for the kids at the beginning of the season to pull out for them in the summer--though it was such a shock to our system we largely avoided the outdoors most of the time the first couple of months we were here.  But we did finally set it up in August once things were just dully HOT instead of feeling your face peel off.

It was a very satisfyingly huge hit.

Except with Bridget.  I couldn't get her near it, but she was pretty happy to splash in it while standing outside it and play in the grass while her siblings were in the pool...

I got them a pool like this because my grandma had one and it was so, so, SO much stinking fun.  Also, it was only $12.  A very modest price to give my kids some of my own happiest memories from my childhood.

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