Monday, July 4, 2016

Playing around

Have I ever mentioned how much super fun our kids are?  Because they are a super, duper fun group of people to hang out with.

They are also quite the fan of selfie pics.  One day I had Bridget in my lap to take such a selfie and Elliot approached.  But she noticed that he'd taken off his patch and decided to help him out.
She was pretty persistent about it.

There's no story attached to this picture, just an accurate portrait of our sweet, sweet third child.  He can often be found like this, with his blanket that's so special to him.
I think I'll always remember him this way.  Grow up, with a family of his own...deep down he'll still be my little boy with his monkey blanket that he takes with him ev-er-y-where.

And Bridget.  A beautiful, bald, ball of fun where ever she goes.

Another aspect about our children that continually awes me is how well they play and get along together.  Don't get me wrong, I break up plenty of fights and I mediate plenty of interactions.  But those interactions are the exceptions, not the rule, and are determined by the age/developmental level of the youngest one involved.  They play and play and PLAY so dang well.

They do pretty well on their own, too.

I love how goofy they are!  Both individually and together, they're just an awesome group.  Watching them grow up is a delight.

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