Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working hard and laying back

While we were at Heber and Debbie's for the holiday, I decided to commit myself to not slacking off with my diet and exercise just because we were on vacation. So, I brought mashed butternut squash (with Smart Balance [olive oil margarine] and skim milk instead of butter, cream and brown sugar the way the recipe calls for) to help curb temptations at dinner and reinforcements to help with working out. It went beautifully, I actually came home weighing less than when we left. Awesome.

This is actually a very common sight in our home, but it was intriguing to others. Little Stephanie even stood up and started grooving on her own while she watched me. Kendra took a more relaxed approach to participation, and she had prime seats for it.

Yeah, she looks pretty cozy. I laughed out loud as I was doing the video and turned around with the workout and saw her--look at that belly! (Proof positive that she's not underfed, but I still freak out when she doesn't eat...) She's pretty laid back here, but when she saw Daddy taking pictures, she perked up a little.

Such a happy little girl! We might have to get one of these when we have a bigger place...


Peterson Family said...

You go girl! I can't believe you lost weight over Thanksgiving, you must not have eaten enough pie ;)
I love the work out shirt! I'm guessing that Kendra's approach to working out is more like her daddy's than her mommy's. I love the belly shot!

Lybi said...

Wow! You are amazing for losing weight over Thanksgiving weekend. That is quite a feat! You are my inspiration!

PS we need to talk. What do you guys want for Christmas?