Thursday, December 17, 2009

More babyproofing

As Kendra is such a sweet little baby who is content to follow me around everywhere, we've gotten into the habit of her just coming into the bathroom with me and playing while I take a shower. And we were feeling pretty good about her ability to get into trouble in there--the cabinets under the sink have been baby-proofed and we've been good about remembering to keep the trash can up high and the toilet lid down.

However yesterday while I was taking my shower I noticed it was very, very quiet. I've posted a video of her playing, she's normally quite vocal even if we're not interacting. So I peeked my head out to check on her.

Kendra was sitting right by the tub, about five feet away from the toilet paper roll, and not only was there a trail of toilet paper leading from the roll on the wall to her hands, but she was continuing to pull it and unroll it by the armload. And, just after I poked my head out to watch, she stopped pulling on it and just started ripping what was in her lap into shreds because as fate would have it, this stuff rips up pretty easily. And from the look on her face while she was doing it, it's an absolute ball to do.

And I was still in the shower. All I could do was watch.

When I told Grant the story after he got home from work and noticed the mangled roll of toilet paper, he asked why I didn't take a picture once I did get out of the shower. Well, she's figured out that she's cute and she knows what to do when we get out the camera. Although it's a really funny story that I would like to remember I figure it's not good to give her positive reinforcement for a bad behavior--no sense in disciplining a ten-month-old (today!) so at least try to not encourage the stuff you don't want them to do.

So I did take this picture this morning so that I could tell the story here. Actually, once I brought her into the bathroom, she immediately started to very enthusiastically reenact her crime. Hence, the rubber duck for distraction.

But, if you come to visit us and need to use the restroom, we'll likely be keeping the toilet paper on the back of the toilet from now on. We do apologize for the inconvenience...


Peterson Family said...

lol, we couldn't keep toilet paper on the actual roller FOREVER! Kaydence still likes to take off pieces and flush them down the toilet so to this day I wonder if guests ever have a hard time finding it!!! You can tell Kendra has you two completely wrapped around her little finger.
Okay and I love love that picture of Kendra eating at Panda Express, holy cow she is a doll!!!

Scott and Kel said...

Ha,ha...I wish I could say they stop thinking it's cool to unroll the TP, but my 2 year old still thinks it's awesome! Me, not so much ;)