Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicago Baby

Winter really hit us with one fell swoop here in Chicagoland. We really went from the "Should I wear a jacket or a coat?" weather to the "Holy cow, it's so dang cold outside!!" weather pretty much overnight. When that first stage of weather hit, one day Kendra and I were walking out of the post office and we were blasted with some really strong, cold wind. It really surprised her and she was pretty taken aback by the intensity of the cold gust all the way to the car.

"Oh, Baby, I'm so sorry, but you were born in Chicago and it gets REALLY cold and REALLY windy here and unfortunately this is just the beginning..." I told her as we walked. Yes, I realize she's only nine months old and has no idea what I'm saying, but I still talk to her like that all the time. Eventually she'll talk back, right?

And last week, we got our first taste of bitter cold (no lie, the HIGH for the day was 11 degrees) and we had errands to run so I bundled her up appropriately. I had her in thermal underwear (tops and bottoms), socks that literally go up to her thighs (but that doesn't stop her from pulling them off if she can), pants, a nice thick sweater, and this awesome coat that was so generously handed down from Mike and Laura with a good warm hat I picked up at a local thrift store.

She hates it! All the bundling totally zaps her mobility and at one point she actually just rolled over and laid herself down in defeat. After that sad, sad moment I made it a point to get out the door in such a way that putting her coat on is the very last thing I do before we walk out the door and taking it off is the first thing we do when we walk back in.

Poor thing. It reminds me of this scene from A Christmas Story...she totally looks at me heart-broken like I've betrayed her every time I bundle her up.

Seriously, if anyone has any leads for Grant to work anywhere else, you let us know. We gotta get this kid out of the cold!


Michelle said...

What does he do again? If he's an engineer, I might have a lead... :) And it's not in Dayton. :(

Belkycita said...

But she looks so cute all bundled up!!

How would you like a all year beach access?! I'm sure he can do something here :-)

Kristina said...

Oh I hate cold! Simeon doesn't mind though. He thinks its big special to get all bundled up. Maybe because we almost never have to do it. We're still rooting for you to move here. lol.
I think it's great that you talk to her! She's a little person too!