Sunday, December 6, 2009


Okay, so I know that some of these are kind of long...there are two reasons I didn't trim them down.

1) It was late and I was tired when I was processing them and uploading them to YouTube and it made me laaaaazy. As I am wont to be at times.

2) Several grandparents read this blog and all of them wished they lived closer to Kendra so that they would have more opportunities to see stuff just like this. So I figure they won't mind four whole minutes of Kendra's most recent hilarious behavior.

First, a sample of Kendra's new audio abilities. She does this all. The. Time. And we think it's so stinkin' cute...

Next, something you can get the gist of in the first 20 seconds. I wanted to take a video, partly for our memories' sake and partly for her to see later, of her in her normal, everyday behavior. This is pretty much what she does all day, every day. And if I leave the room, she follows me to where ever I'm going and starts doing this stuff there. When I see her playing like this I get a bit envious of her simple, sweet, carefree life... be a nine-month-old...

Yes, that was the Jurassic Park soundtrack she was chewing on. We're teaching her from a young age, to quote Moosebutter, that John Williams is the man!

And this is the long and hilarious one. You can just fast forward to the halfway point and watch for 20 seconds to get the gist, or you can see the whole story from beginning to end if you want. Either way, you're in for some fun.

So, there's your most current round of videos from our humble home. It's like our own reality TV show of raising baby Kendra!


Belkycita said...

I am so glad you post them!!
Victoria was laughing her head off, I tried to take a video but she didn't laugh as hard anymore.
I like how she eats until she is about to fall asleep.

Kristina said...

CUTE! Simeon especially loved watching them. He vocalized right along with her and when she took of her sock he sat down and took off his. LOL He loves little "fwees" (friends).