Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Girl to Big Girl

There is brand of clothes that dubs their infant sizes, "Just One Year". I thought it was sweet when I first saw it but as this first year with Kendra rapidly draws to a close, I'm realizing how true it is...she's really not our tiny baby anymore. Weird! Though at the rate we're going, I'm not going to get used to being her mother any time soon. It's still weird to realize I'm married. To Grant. Whoa.

So here's our big girl, standing so well on her own...

She sure does love that authentically Australian kangaroo Auntie Kelly gave Mommy!

So much fun!

Mmm, delicious.

I think it's part the fact that she's standing and part the fact that she's standing in some super-cute jeans that make her look so old. She's gotten pretty good at it. She even took her very first step today! Just one, but it was deliberate and distinct. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

It's been so interesting to watch her grow and develop. Kendra has taken an invested interest in the shower. It's actually gotten to be a problem. She's started pulling the curtain away from the wall while someone is in the shower, which gets water everywhere, and we're trying to see how we can discourage that behavior without banning her free-roaming privileges and shunning her into her crib for shower time...but in the meanwhile, it does encourage me to bring her into the shower and bathe her more regularly than I would of my own accord. I don't think I'm a negligent mother...she just doesn't get that dirty, y'know?

But yesterday, she even got two showers. Once because she was convincing enough while I was showering and once because we experienced the blow-out diaper of all blow-out diapers later the same day. I knew it was going to be bad because I actually heard it happen, but she literally had poo on her arms! That's something I was convinced wasn't possible until it happened to me.

But, since one of us wasn't in the shower with her and she was covered well enough, I decided to get a few bath time fun shots. We've come a long way from the newborn who screamed so loudly and horrifically that I couldn't bring myself to bathe her more than once a week because I knew how much she hated it...

"What? Clearly, this shampoo bottle is a toy."
And that's the Gospel Truth. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when we took it away.

I just liked how the water was sprayed everywhere in this one. :)

One thing's for sure though, whether Baby Girl or Big Girl, she sure is a Happy Girl (most of the time) and we absolutely adore her.

It really is just one year, but it's been sooo much fun. And all the better because we got to do it together.


Danielle said...

Love the pants. They do make her look so grown up. Sad how fast they grow.

Scott and Kel said...

She totally is growing up, but she makes it look sooo good!! :) What a cutie!

Kristina said...

How fun that she's getting ready to walk! She got to get herself all ready to keep up with Simeon when she's here!