Sunday, December 20, 2009

More trouble

Turns out, we did take a picture of a toilet paper incident...this batch stuck to her pajamas and made it down the hallway and into the living room. Awesome.

Now, I'll bet that form of fiber makes Metamucil tasty!

These next photos are pictures of one of Kendra's favorite toys: my alarm clock. She makes a beeline for it every single time she follows me into our bedroom.

But, even if she drops it on the floor and resets's still hard to be too irritated with her. She's just too dang cute doin' it. (Instead I've started putting it up on my dresser before I let her into the room, and I really have to hustle to beat her to it)

This weekend, Grant and I were out when I spotted a display of Terry's Chocolate Oranges (and here's a picture) and I asked for one because they're soooo yummy! We whacked and unwrapped one tonight after dinner and enjoyed a few slices and Grant put the rest of it to the side. Guess who found the package?

That's what we get for not being more careful while we were watching Charmed...(yes, Charmed).

Turns out, if a ten-month-old gets their hands on a piece of milk chocolate, it melts real quick...

However, we've discovered something through this: we can start having an annual holiday tradition of chocolate oranges because the entire Farnsworth family thinks they're finger-lickin' good. :)

This week a pretty nasty illness made its rounds, and Daddy was the first to go down. He stayed from the office and worked from home on Tuesday, which we all really loved! Granted, it wasn't like the weekend where he could just play with his little girls all day, he did have to actually put in a full day's work...but with little time-outs.

That Daddy, he's the best!


Scott and Kel said...

Okay, the chocolate orange incident is the best!! She is gonna keep you BUSY!!! Her hair looks like it's getting longer every time you post. It was awesome to talk to you last week--thanks for the chat!

Kathleen said...

She has good taste! Those chocolate pictures are too stinkin cute!!!!