Thursday, May 14, 2009

Story Time

So upwards of three months ago, we went into the hospital and then a few days later they sent us home with a baby.

Ohhhh, was she ever beautiful! But as fate would have it, she didn't do much. She slept. She cried. She ate. She pooped from time to time. Being a first-time mother, I didn't have any expectations and didn't really realize that was about all she did. I realized it when she did start to do stuff about 2 months later. And what she did was pretty awesome! She started SMILING! On purpose! You might remember that she'd often smile when she was falling asleep, but this was totally different because she was looking at me when she did it!

A few weeks later, Grant's parents came for her blessing and I realized that she recognized me. She knew who I was!! I realized it when she initially started fussing when Jackie or Archie held her, but if she saw me, she'd calm down and smile again. Now that really melted my heart. I was really surprised by the connection I felt to her when she was born and not long after they placed her in my arms I remember saying, "Hey, I know you..." to her several times--the words felt kinda cheesy but they were true. I really felt like I already knew her. So when she demonstrated that she knew me too, it was some kind of wonderful.

Those of you who are parents have been through these little stages and know how it goes.
This video will be cute, but nothing new to you. Those of you who aren't parents are in for a WHOLE heap of fun when you are. This video will be a little sneak peak of it. I seriously didn't realize what I was missing until she started doing this stuff, it's amazing.

I didn't realize she hadn't been making any noise but to fuss or to cry this whole time until she started to coo. It's sooooo cool!

I can totally handle this Mommy gig. It rocks.


Heather said...

I clearly remember the first time I realized that Tabitha preferred me over anyone else (except maybe her dad). This is such a great time. And if you think this is the best it will ever be, well, just wait for what comes next! It only gets better.

That's a pretty cute girl you have. I'm glad you two get such enjoyment from her. That's just how it should be.

Danielle said...

Adorable! I think it's so cute the way they seem to try so hard to get those little noises out. It seems to take all their concentration.

My Grant has been buzzing his lips the last couple days and it cracks me up.

Peterson Family said...

Oh I love that sweet little video. I love how Kendra's little arms are just moving and she makes the cutest noises! That is what life is all about right there!

Laura said...

There is absolutely NOTHING like being a mom. Kendra looks absolutely adorable smiling and working so hard to tell you about heaven and all of her friends. :)

Jacqueline said...

Such sweet adorableness. That can melt more than just a mommy's heart. That is pure love in her face.

Lybi said...

Awwww! What a cute little feminine voice! Thanks for sharing!

Kristina said...

That is so very fun and adorable. I love those little faces she makes and her sweet little voice. This is the stage when she finally starts giving back to you :) And it makes it so worth it!

Seth said...

Cuteness in a bundle.