Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photo Op

This year, Grant and I have been turning into grown-ups...we got married, bought our first car, had a baby and now we're looking at houses. Like, to own. Weird!

Yesterday we went out to a town by O'Hare and looked at a bunch of houses. We took my little point-and-shoot with us to take pictures to help us keep track of them all since we were spending hours looking at them. Kendra's getting old enough that sometimes she fusses just because she wants to be held, so Grant carried her around one of the houses we looked at and I couldn't resist this shot (even though it's very poorly framed).

Ahhhh, Kodak moments! This is why it's totally worth it to spend a couple hundred dollars to have a camera that you can take with you everywhere!


Kristina said...

So cute! Daddy daughter moments are so special. I hope to see some on our family someday ;)
Kendra is looking so big and cute!

Danielle said...

Cute picture! And you can see so much of both you and Grant in her. Good luck house-hunting. We actually just put an offer on a house too... woohooo!

Laura said...

Haha, with her hair thing pushing down on her eyes, she has a very grown up, "Come ON, Mom!" look. Too cute.

Peterson Family said...

Seriously that sweet little face of hers has never failed to make me smile!!! I know it is so crazy going hunting for houses, you are now officially a grown up (not after the baby or getting married but for looking for a full fledged house ;)