Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sleep habits

I noticed when Grant and I got married that we had quite the collection of pillows. He already had many of his own, and I came with lots given to me by my employers when they moved back to New Jersey shortly before Grant and I got married.

When I was single, this is how I made my bed (sans the adorable little girl, of course--but she was sitting around when I was taking these pictures I just put her up there for the fun of it). Pretty standard pillow arrangement of 2 big square European ones, 4 standard (2 in pillowcases, 2 in shams) and 2 decorative.

It took me less than a minute to make in the morning. I did with one hand while I brushed my teeth. That's because I'd throw the decorative pillows and one of the Europeans on the floor, use the two standards on my side of the bed, crawl in a pass out. I'm a very still sleeper, so making the bed was just a matter of pulling the cover back up and replacing the pillows.

Now, my bed looks a little different. I originally started off with the same set-up when I got married, but my sweet husband kept requesting more now it looks like this.

Maybe it doesn't look that strange to you, eh? Take a look at what's behind those shams.

That's 8 standard pillows, for a total of 10 on the bed. And we use every. Single. One. Every. Single. Night.

Grant surrounds himself with pillows, including shoving two down by his feet (I still don't get that one) and puts a couple between us because apparently at night my skin "reaches the temperature of the sun's corona" and lines the rest around him on the other side and his head. It's getting ridiculous.

It also turns out, Grant is a pretty restless sleeper, so between the building of the pillow fort around him and the tossing and turning, I pretty much have to strip the bed and start from scratch--every. Single. Morning.

My employer often told me how much easier it was for her to make the bed when her husband was out of town because she'd just slip out and smooth the covers and be done. I totally understand where she's coming from now. Though I don't think she has to strip the bed on a daily basis...

A big thank-you to our lovely model who enhanced my pictures with her amazing cuteness!


Kristina said...

Every picture is better when it has a cute baby somewhere in it! You could stack the pillows around her and play a game of "where's Kendra" on your blog :P Very cute.
Anyway, that is a lot of pillows. I sometimes steal Seth's pillow before he comes to bed so that I have something to snuggle, but that's it for me :) Poor guy always has to wrestle it away from me. I may not be a wrestler when I'm awake but apparently I'm a champ when I'm asleep :P Anyway, I'm the restless sleeper in our marriage and I always have been so I'm used to having to strip the bed every day. It's just more fun now because Simeon climbs on top of the pile of blankets while I'm trying to make the bed :P
Cute post!

Danielle said...

Wow! And I thought we had a lot of pillows. I've noticed lately that Caleb is starting to pile pillows all over him too. He used to be such a cuddler-- I'm trying not get offended by this recent behavior.

Seth said...

I love the model you used with the bed pictures ;)

Ya, we are quite different. Pretty much, they bed is Kristina's territory and every night I plead with her unconscious self to lend me a tiny corner. Then I curl up in that corner of the bed and try to take what is left of the bedsheet and cover half an elbow with it and then I drift off to restless sleep cognizant of the fact that the "Queen of the Bed" may reclaim her precious corner at any moment.

Grant said...

Lol. Yeah, me and my pillows take up almost all the bed, but I only get a part of the blanket, and only for a part of the night. I have to keep the room warm so I don't die of hypothermia in the night.

You'd think sleeping in five layers of clothing and with normal blankets she'd be good to go, but I guess when you start from such a high temperature, the total heat that you lose is high.

Sometimes when I wake up I think I'm dead because my body is so cold. I have to check to make sure I'm breathing.

Jacqueline said...

There is some kind of law about marrying someone who sleeps differently than you. Nobody knows who made the law but everybody follows it religiously. Give that lovely model a big hand. She definitely beautifies the photos.

Laura said...

Dude! You have a serious Princess and the Pea syndrome going on!! ;o) I was trying to figure out what was so amazing about the 2nd picture until the 3rd picture ... explained it. hehe

Adorable model!