Thursday, May 7, 2009

Growing Up

Kendra has been growing up ever so quickly. Literally every day when I come home from work she's significantly different and more grown up than when I left, it seems. She's been putting on a lot of weight lately, that's for sure, and holding up her head a lot.

Ashley came out to meet me at the el today with Kendra in the moby wrap, as she usually does. But today it looked like this

It was seriously just the other day when she layed down across our stomach in the moby wrap, basically a little fetus, just wanting to sleep. Remember these days?

It was just a few days ago, it seems. I can see why people are always talking about these days going by quickly. We haven't even sat down to decide how to raise her and she's practically all grown up!

It's a good trade, though, overall. She sleeps so much better and interacts with us ever so much more. She's a wonderful little girl, and I'm betting she's going to be a wonderful little woman some day.


Laura said...

What a cute picture!! I love that pouty bottom lip!! CUTE!

Rachel said...

So every time I visit your blog, I think you guys have topped the cuteness factor. Grant, you've got some adorable women in your life! Glad to hear your family is thriving. You can't imagine how happy it makes me. Ashley and Kendra, I love you! I know that sounds all EFY, but it's really true. Thanks for bringing one of my oldest friends this kind of happiness!

Kristina said...

So very cute! And such cute thoughts from Grant. Seriously, it just seems like a few days ago that Simeon was just starting to hold his head up and smile and laugh. And today he is 2! I can't believe it! We love you guys and are so happy to get to have all the fun and joy that a baby brings to your life. And we are glad you get to experience all the fun together :)