Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Blessing


Today we gave Kendra a name and a blessing. It was so sweet. Heber and Hyrum drove up from Saint Louis, and Mom and Dad flew over for the occasion. It was so wonderful.

(Not pictured below because she was behind the camera: Jackie)

That white dress Kendra is wearing is a really significant item. It was hand stitched by Kendra's great grandmother, Bubby, back in 1946 especially for my mother's baby blessing. Not only was Jackie blessed in it, but all of her children including me were also blessed in it. And now Kendra has been blessed in it as well.

Family Visit

We have looked forward to Hyrum's visit here for a while because he's one of the few people who can appreciate my tarantula hobby

He's a man after my own heart. Makes us want to get on with this family and get a son of our own.


Lybi said...

What a big day for the Farnsworths! Congratulations! I wish I could've been there.

Hey, send me that dress when you're finished with it...I didn't even know there was a special Bubby dress.

P.S. I hope you put me in the category of those who appreciate your tarantulas. I've even spent time on the Aranchno boards, for goodness sakes. They are fascinating, but I might be more fearful of holding them than Hyrum, so HE WINS.

Danielle said...

No way! Bubby made that? You need closeups and lots of detailed pictures. Congrats on Kendra's big day. And LOL about your "getting a son" comment.

Laura said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! The sweet, happiness of the blessing picture should not have been put right next to a TARANTULA on my nephews HEAD!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!!! (Breath, breath)

Congratulations on Kendra's blessing!! That's wonderful that you got to use such a significant dress! Mom kept that one a pretty good secret! I had no idea we were all blessed in the same dress. You need to get some more, really good pictures with that dress!!

Love you!!

Kristina said...

Very cute and sweet, though I've been waiting for those "more pictures" you said you were going to add to it :P Your mom told us all about the dress when we blessed Simeon, but we decided to use it if we had girls (hoping hoping hoping). Kendra looks very sweet in it.

Peterson Family said...

That is so special that the family came over for the blessing. When I was pregnant I was really looking forward to blessing Kaydence. That is so neat the you got to bless Kendra in the beautiful dress that Bubby made.
Yeah Tarantulas are not my thing, they kind of freak me out!

Seth said...

Actually I am pretty sure that Mom offered the dress to most if not all of her kids and they all turned her down for one reason or another.