Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kendra Growing Up

Lots of good photo opportunities with a 3-month old babies. Essentially everything she does is worthy of remembering forever and looking at over and over. She was so pretty in her Sunday dress last week, for example. So kissable

And when we are randomly holding her and interacting with her, she makes the cutest little faces

She is a very well tempered baby. Always cooing for us and being generally un-demanding. That comes from Ashley. As far as I know, I was not the easiest baby in many ways. In particular I was a really bad sleeper. Kendra doesn't have that problem. In fact, she often sleeps through important times like burp time

Sound asleep for the whole thing. She's not worried or unhappy in any way in that picture, by the way, just sound asleep.

Ashley likes to lay her down on her feet and interact with her on the bed. I see this a lot

Mother-daughter time is so very sweet. The other thing Kendra has just been loving is the "baby Einstein" entertainment and brain stimulation center. She gets a healthy dose of this every day.

It's hilarious how much a little classical music, some blinking lights, a mirror and the other little things in it can really excite and stimulate her. Here she's kicking her feet. It's something she frequently does when she's excited. These days she may be laying in her swing or something quite calmly, and we look over at her and say "hi" and she smiles and kicks those little feet. So adorable!

I'll tell you she is growing very quickly. She's up around 13.5 pounds now. We put the same hat she had on in the hospital, and it fit her quite differently

She's our darling little girl. She's growing up so fast and eventually she won't be our itty bitty little girl any more. That's why we grab her now for as many snuggles as we can get.


Belkycita said...

AAH!! you have to stop this posts, you are making me WAY baby hungry!!!
Can I just take your little one?

Seth said...

These pictures were out of control cute.

Jacqueline said...

What an adorable child. In every picture there is someone looking adoringly at her. She is quite sure the world revolves around her, and your world surely does. How sweet.

Kathleen said...

So much cuteness! We better get to meet her at the reunion next month, and get to meet Ashley too. I am really looking forward to this one.

Kristina said...

Oh so cute! I LOVE those little expressions!

Danielle said...

I can't get over her expressions! Some shots I think she looks just like Ashley, and other shots she's totally Grant. It's adorable!