Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Red Letter Day!

Today was, for the most part, a rather frustrating day for Ashley. Kendra was rather fussy all day. Very fussy, actually, for her. She's not really that kind of baby. Refused to eat for the most part, made noise, all that jazz.

Little did we know she was saving it up. After I came home we were both playing with her and she pulled out the big guns. She...


It was a real laugh, too. Ashley got little teardrops of joy. It was awesome.

For posterity: It was May 28, 2009 at 7:30pm.


Addendum: Right after she laughed we got the video camera and spent much of the night trying to get her to do it again. She did it several times before we got the camera out and then not again. Now we have a new thing to obsess about...Mommy in particular is constantly trying to get Kendra to make it all the way to the laugh. Gotta re-live that moment. And this time we are getting it on film! :)


Jacqueline said...

How wonderful. They never stop amazing and enchanting you. I will expect a video of the laugh soon on this blog. Love you.

Belkycita said...

You guys are such a cute pair of parents.
I can't wait to see her laugh.

Seth said...

Doesn't that mean a fairy was just born or something like that? I'm pretty sure that is how Tinkerbell was supposed to have been created. laughs are the nectar of life.

Danielle said...

Isn't that the best?

Archie said...

Sure is a wonderful event for every parent! Congratulations for seeing that this early.

I was just looking over the recent picture posts and chuckling to my self about that CUTE little girl that has so thoroughly mastered the art of living with parents.

It is also really cute to see you parents so gaga over you baby.

Love you lots.

Kristina said...

So very special. My favorite sound in the world is a baby's/toddler's laugh. There just isn't anything better than that. and it is even better when it is your own child.