Friday, March 27, 2009

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

Those of you who have been following the blog know that we have our own unique language of Love and Affection here in the Farnsworth Family.

It went to a whole new level when Kendra was born. It's too cute not to share!


Jacqueline said...
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Ketchesons said...

SO cute!!!
Grant you are cuter than I imagine with your baby :-)
She is super adorable and from what I see a great eater!
She is growing so fast, I am glad I didn't send the second part of your gift yet. Don't worry, I'm getting it to you soon, as you can see from the first one, I take my sweet time.

p.s.My lateness has nothing to do with having two kids... nothing :-(

Laura said...

Wow! She looks more like a 6 month old chuggin' on that bottle! What a great eater!! And burping reeeally well, too.

Grant, you sure have to eat a lot of crow for all the teasing you did to other new Dads - or even husbands. You're just as silly and smitten as any of them! ;o)

Seth said...

I love how she was just staring up into Grant's eyes as she ate.

Kristina said...

Very cute video. And we all love little shorties. Little shorties are the best.

Jacqueline said...

No wonder you get so excited to get home. Darling girl! Good eater! She is looking so much older, really growing up. How sweet.