Monday, March 2, 2009

Aneccdotes from the Delivery Room

There are lots of stories that I keep meaning to tell and never quite find the time to sit down for a good post about the birth experience from my perspective--though Grant did cover it pretty well he left out a few memorable moments.

Since we didn't know how long to expect to be sitting around with pitocin dripping into me before we'd have a baby in our arms, we came prepared. We brought the Lord of the Rings trilogy extended addition with us--which are close to 12 hours long altogether.

The first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, introduces us to the Ringwraiths. Though we know they were originally men, they've turned into weird looking and sounding demon-like dudes who ride around squealing in very high-pitched tones all the time. Very loud. Very screeching.

So, we're sitting around watching the movie and keep hearing the screeching, which we expect as we've all seen the movie before. However...then we started to notice we were hearing the screeching at the wrong when the wraiths weren't even onscreen. And then when we listened closely, we realized that at these times, the screeching wasn't coming from the little handset attached to my bed that held the volume box on the TV.

In fact, it was coming from outside the room. And it wasn't screeching at all. It was blood-curling, spine-tingling, top-of-your-lungs screaming. And it was happening every few minutes. Like a woman in labor.

My eyes went wide and my skin turned pale as we listened to her, who as fate would have it was in the room directly across the hall from me. Her screams kept getting louder, longer and closer together and after what seemed like an eternity but was really only half an hour or so, we heard a baby crying in its place.

I was as happy and relieved for myself as I was for her that she stopped screaming and had it over with. She was really starting to freak me out!

I also was struck with fear at the weird/unsettling things I would do later. Luckily, I never screamed. I did let out nice, big grunts and groans at the end of pushes and towards the end I started crying from sheer exhaustion after the last few (because the thought might have entered my mind that I couldn't hold out much longer)--but I never did scream like a ringwraith.

At least...I'm pretty sure I didn't.


Danielle said...

Oh, but screaming makes it feel better. :)


Jacqueline said...

Actually you held up really well. When you sat up and composed yourself you held so still we couldn't even tell you were having a contraction except for the little graph going up so high. Great job.

Scott and Kel said...

Ha!! That is awesome...when I was in labor we heard the same thing going on and I'm pretty sure I probably lost all of my color too and I'm KNOW I said, "I change my mind-I don't want to do this anymore" Too late!! he,he That is seriously the best comparison I've ever heard tho...kudos!

Kristina said...

I think if I had heard someone screaming I would have told them that I changed my mind. I'd just stay pregnant forever :P I was already traumatized from watching the videos though.