Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few more moments

Am I the only one who thinks this is just the most precious scene in the world?

They are sleeping like this as I type. I can't bring myself to wake either of them from this precious moment. I guess they will wake up when they are ready.

Actually every moment with Kendra seems to be just precious and picturesque. She was having a hard time burping and laying down was making it worse, but she wanted to sleep so we put her in the car seat for a little bit.

That's Daddy's little girl.

There was some popuplar demand to see the Farns wearing the moby wrap.

It's a very masculine and yet fatherly way to carry a baby. I give it a thumbs up, as you can see. And Kendra gives it a hand up.

On the downside of this post, by way of news, Ashley is sick. Apparently it's common after long deliveries for the uterus to get infected. We rushed her to the emergency room because people do die from it (they used to die from it a lot, in fact, before antibiotics). It was early in the infection's progression apparently so with some IV antibiotics and some amoxicillin (thank goodness for amoxicillin) Ashley should be right as rain really soon.

We passed an emotional little bit of time when we first found out. I have told Ashley that under no circumstances is she allowed to die until all our kids are grown up and we are old. Preferrably we can both die on the same day when we are really old and senile and don't even realize we are old any more. Until then, she is not allowed to do or even think anything dangerous and anyone who wants to come in contact with either Ashley or Kendra needs to sanitize their hands first. After all our kids are grown up we may relax that rule a little.


Michelle said...

I think it's sweet because I know that Ashley is finally getting some well deserved sleep!!

Lybi said...

Yes, that is a very sweet scene!

Poor Ashley! Isn't it scary to think of what life was life for people a hundred years ago? If we lived during that time, Sam probably would've died of pneumonia when he was 2, Joey probably would've died of failure to thrive around 1-2, and Adam and I would have popped off during his delivery because it was an impossible presentation. But then, James would've died of appendicitis before I ever met him, so I figure that we are all living on borrowed time anyway.

I always felt that I was completely at peace about dying until I had my babies. Then I was convinced that I MUST. NOT. DIE. and James must never do anything dangerous or even remotely adventureous either!

Danielle said...

I hope Ashley gets feeling better soon. Adjusting to life after delivery with a newborn is tough enough without infections afterwards.

And I about died of cuteness overload seeing Kendra's hand sticking out of that moby wrap. AWWWW!

Jacqueline said...

Yes, that is the most precious picture of Ashley asleep with Kendra on her chest. That is the most restful way to sleep. I love it. I slept that way all night with Sam when he was a few days old. Kendra is definitely getting cuter. And thank you for the Moby wrap picture. It was better than I thought it would be. You look so good wearing the baby. Improves your overall cuteness.

Ketchesons said...

Such a cute picture. You sound like such a daddy. Reminds me of Dave when Elena was born, he wouldn't leave the apartment and everything she did melt him. Still does actually, enjoy it, every minute of it, it is the most fun we've had.

Laura said...

Yes, Ashley is beautifully picturesque with a sleeping angel on her tummy!!!! And you are definitely manly with the Moby wrap - though that cute hand really steals the show. :)

I'm sooooo sorry to hear about Ashley's infection. We have the same NO-DYING policy in our home. In fact, I'm secretly grateful that Mike's working from home because I used to worry that he'd get in an accident on the way to or from work. Grant, isn't it funny to think that just a year ago, losing someone would be tough; but now, losing someone would be ... unthinkable!! Love changes everything. I'm so happy you found someone so wonderful to love.

Peterson Family said...

Some people thought we were crazy when we made ANYONE who wanted to hold Kaydence put sanitizer on their hands but they are just so little and fragile you need to protect them from everything. I think you guys are smart. I'm so sorry about Ashley, I hope she gets better really soon. Modern medicine is one of the greatest blessings! It is no fun getting really sick right after you have your little miracle, because you have been waiting so long for her to come and you can't fully enjoy it! Get better soon!!! That is the sweetest picture, you have some cute women!
Oh and I had to tell Ashely that her comment on Kathleens blog cracked me up when she said she was "out of commission", that was great!

Haley said...

Um, my favorite picture is the one with the KU binki. Most awesome binki ever. If I do say so myself.

Beckie said...

There is something about sleeping/snoozing with your new baby. It's magic!

Ashley, I am sorry you were/are so sick!! Really thank goodness for drugs!

Enjoy the Fahotties - (as we like to call them) and the girl scout cookies (sorry I didn't bake anything!)

also, a tip on when the babies have gas. I used this A LOT.
place them on their back, and do the bicycle motion with their legs.

Let me know if I can do anything
else for you, run to the store. Etc.

Take care!!


The Fernandezs said...

Grant what a beautiful little girl the two of you have. I love you guys blog so much I'm stealing it and putting it on ours!

Phoenix (our son) is already 2 months old, I can't believe how fast it goes =( The first week is the hardest when you bring them home, trying to figure them out and how to do things and how everyone can get sleep. The first 48 hrs I didn't get any sleep at all because any little sound he made I would wake up to check on him. But after that week you figure everything out.

Also we didn't have a sling for him (baby wrap) we have the front pack carrier so he's finally big enough for that and he too loves it and falls asleep each time we put him in it, something about them being close to us =) and he loves the car seat!

Have you two done the baby blessing yet? We had his on Sunday and we both cried like babies. Such an amazing experience for you to have the Priesthood, be worthy of it and be able to give your child a name =)

We are SO HAPPY for you guys, and know just exactly how exciting and special you must feel. It's amazing to me that we're taught that what we feel for our children is only a spec of what our Heavenly Parents feel for us, I can't imagine being able to contain any more love then that of the moment when they placed him on my chest and we saw him for the first time =)

Best of wishes to you both!