Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pics Update

Some of these were second-best type pictures, but they are still so adorable to us, so we thought we would share them.

I hope they are cute on your monitors as well.

We couldn't decide which in the following series to post.

I love this one

Ashley loves this one

Funny how different pictures appeal to different people. But Kendra appeals to both of us equally.


Kristina said...

I love the first picture, so sweet! And I agree with Ashley on the last pictures. It's cute when babies stick their tongues out :P

Kristina said...

Of course they are ALL cute I meant to add. BTW I really like the "especially Kendra" in your blog title. Now you really understand why we named ours the official Simeon fansite. Nothing we post is quite as exciting as he is :P

Ketchesons said...

My favorite is the second one.
They are all adorable, Hello! little Kendra is in all of them!
But on the second one she looks like our girls when we do "sanduchito"
it is done by having the baby between parents and at the same time both parents kiss the baby, strong enough to make the baby have fishy face. Oh, and don't forget to say very loud Sanduchito! as you kiss.

Amanda said...

I love the look she gives when Grant holds her face like that. It cracks me up.

Scott and Kel said...

So it's official, besides my baby of course (sorry), you have the MOST ADORABLE little girl in the world :) Thanks for sharing the pics!!

Laura said...

Wow, she looks so pretty in the blue and violet hair thing in the first picture! Those are definitely HER colors!! Cute tongue!!