Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Milestone

Does it seem a little silly that every little milestone has been such a red letter day for us?

Today we put Kendra in her carseat with the little hangy downy stuffed animal thingies And for the first time, she looked at them. And she batted them around. They jingled. She could see and was amused by a toy. She played!

My guess is that she will never be as excited about any of her life developments as we will.



Jacqueline said...

No question but that her eyesight is good. Amazing that she batted at them. Usually they kick their legs and it jiggles the seat enough to move them. They can't figure out how to get the arms up there. Very bright girl? Very cute.

Seth said...

Wow, those are some nice open eyes and some pretty red lips.