Thursday, January 1, 2009

Speaking in tongues

Danielle, this one's for you.

She's curious, you see. I drop words like "boobicles", "ignorify" and "burnination" and think nothing of it, but she asked...hopefully she won't regret that.

These are all terms Grant has introduced to my vernacular. "Burnination" comes from this at the Home Star Runner site. He evens expands it by adding the ever-colorful "burnification". I think it's a similar play on suffixes that brought "ignorify" to us (and it's spin-off "ignorificated"). Though come to think of it, he also told me a story about a girl he dated before me who wants to homeschool her children because "public schools dumbify kids" and he probably started having fun with that afterwards.

In a forgotten context, Grant's last roommate dubbed him, "Grantasticles" which I think was derived from my original name for him, "Grantastic". Turns out, my breasts have been the topic of many comments exchanged between us as they prepare to serve their lactation function and somewhere along the way, "boobicles" just slipped out (I'm trying really hard not to whine about my horror of facing buying ANOTHER new bra because I'm busting out of the dang D-cup! I never wore that when I was fat).

He also has a little name for me. As a bachelor, many of the meals Grant prepared for me included a healthy serving of broccoli florrets from the 5 lb Sam's Club bag and he called them "broc-o-flowers". I don't recall when he started it, but for at least a year he's been calling me "Ash-o-flower" and I've found it very endearing. Actually, I daresay it's been my favorite nickname or petname anyone ever gave me since the first time I heard it. Yeah, a couple of decades of "Ash-hole", "Dumb-Ash", "Smart-Ash" and other similar examples will make "Ash-o-flower" downright poetic even when you know it comes from vegetables.

And the list goes on of the little expressions we use that have just naturally become how we talk every day. But, there are some things that just can't be captured in text so I put our Christmas present from Grant's parents to use so you can see some of it for yourselves. These are a couple of Grant's "voices" that delight me on a daily basis.

So yeah, we have a lot of fun speaking our own language.

And the pity voices really do work. Some might find it patronizing, but it always makes me feel so much better when he groans and sympathizes for me.

I love that guy.


Jacqueline said...

Somebody's enjoying playing with the movie camera. Cool deal.

Seth said...

That seems like the kind of talking that "single Grant" would ridicule married people (namely me) for making with each other.

And now that he is talking silly, there is sort of a poetic justice to it. Muahahahaa.

Seth said...

Oh, forgot to say, but that link to the Burninator was pure awesomeness.

Gonna go rewatch it now.

Danielle said...

Okay, you guys just crack me up. And I know I wasn't the only one wondering about those words. The others were just afraid to ask! And both of you have very contagious laughs! I love it!

Laura said...

That is too funny! LOL