Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun News

Many of you know I served a full-time mission in Hungary. It's a small mission, a little over 100 missionaries at any given time and it covers the whole country, which is about the size of the state of Indiana.

It is absolutely amazing.

My first companion, Natasha and I still love each other dearly. When I went out West for Labor Day weekend in 07, I met her family--whom I also fell in love with from serving with her. I loved meeting them while I was there and spending some time with them.

Among them was her youngest brother, Connor. Along the way I said something and he replied in Hungarian, "De hogy is!" It's a what to say, "Whatever!" I turned to Natasha completely blown away, "Did he just 'De hogy is' me?" "Yeah, he's picked up a bunch of Hungarian, and he's pretty good at it."

That was a full year and a half ago. Connor got his mission call this weekend. Guess where he's going...


I couldn't believe it either. Over 330 in the world and he got called to the very best one.


It's silly and I know no one who reads this even knows the kid, but this is absolutely fan-friggin-tastic!! For Hungary and for Connor because they are both incredibly awesome and are going to LOVE each other!

Natasha posted a video of it on Facebook and they cried when he read it--so did I. Both times I watched it.

I just thought that was so dang awesome I had to share it!


Michelle said...

So, I was looking at your lists, and saw that you were asking what to put in a the diaper bag. Well, I'm kind of a relaxed/hippy mom, so what I carry is a lot different than what some of my friends carry!

First, I don't carry a "diaper bag". I like purses, a lot, so I just buy big ones and keep the kids stuff in my big 'ole purse. Second, I have a "diaper wallet". If you can find one, or if they give you one at the hospital (that's where I got mine), I would highly recommend using it. It's a changing pad on one side, with zipper pockets on the other, and it rolls up neatly inside my purse. I keep wipes in one pocket (in a ziploc baggie), diapers in another, and using a pacifier and a little toy in the third. Other than that, with a newborn, I usually carry a burp rag, and keep a change of clothes in the car, along with either my sling or my Mei Tei.

Now, if your bottle feeding, that's a whole other story! I breastfeed exclusively and have no issues doing it in public! Some of my friends have these nursing apron things, but I just whip it out ,not in a vulgar way, my shirt hides just about everything and once you get the hang of it, your kid will latch on in about 2 seconds, and honestly, to me, nothing screams "Look at me! I'm BREASTFEEDING!!!" than covering yourself completely with a blanket or nursing apron. If you just do it, then it looks like you are just holding your baby.

Once your kid gets older, then you have to worry about things like sippy cups, and snacks, which is a whole other story! I personally hate that stage, right now, Layni is to where she only needs diapers when we go out, and it's awesome!

Now, that's what I do, some of my friends carry bags with stuff for every possible contingency, but that's just not how I roll. And I will admit, there have been times when I'm like "Man, I wish I had a ..." but they are few and far between. It just depends on what you're comfortable with. Don't worry, you'll figure out a system that works for you!! I promise, parenting isn't as hard as you think before you have kids! Just relax, you'll be fine!!

Lybi said...

WOw! I can't believe it! That is SO...DARN...AMAZING!!! Now they can talk to eachother when they get back!

James and his twin both got called to Germany-separate missions, though. It is wonderful.

Danielle said...

That's really exciting! I'd love to have someone I know go to my same mission-- that way I might have a chance to reconnect with people I've lost touch with. ;)

Danielle said...

And LOL about Michelle's breastfeeding comment. The first kid you hide in another room to nurse and by the third you're flashing nipple to complete strangers. jk. It's not that bad. I usually nurse with a blanket in public, but it depends. Sometimes I get brave and go without. And it's surprising how discreet you can be without a blanket covering you up.