Thursday, January 8, 2009

Portriat of a Couple

Ashley's reaction to the throwing away of some of her childhood...ahem..acquisitions has been quite the influence on our family lately. We bought Don Aslett's book, Clutter's Last Stand and have been reading it together. A husband should never make his wife do something he wouldn't be willing to do (childbirth excepted), so we've begun the process of de-junking my life as well. A part of that effort has been the ongoing sale of many of my books and textbooks on, a part of it has been the sale of several of my items of junk on craigslist, and part of it is an ongoing effort.

As we were searching for things that we don't truly love, we found a noteworthy item. Just over a week before Ashley and I were married there was a big art expo near my apartment. We found a portrait artist, who we commissioned to do our caricatures.

It turns out that we don't like the result at all. We were all smiley and beaming for the sitting but apparently he didn't want to paint teeth so he sobered us up. And he got Ashley's head shape wrong too (not to mention the bust enhancement and modesty reduction he gave her). It's just more portraity and less caricaturish than we were hoping for.

However it's an important artifact from our courtship. An important artifact that is too ugly to be displayed in our home. Thanks to modern technology, however, it can be scanned and then thrown away. A side benefit of the archiving effort: we can share it with our blog readers.



Ashley said...

Funny, there are plenty of things I ask you to do that I ask because I'm not willing to. Like the garbage. And the heavy lifting.

Grant said...

Yes, I was not actually being literal. After all, the whole making of actual meals and driving through downtown Chicago top the list of things I'd do a lot to get out of. And I mean a LOT. Division of labor is great.

But we both must dejunk!

Jacqueline said...

Hey, I have been dejunking too. It feels wonderful, like taking a load off of you.

Kristina said...

Ya Ashley's head is way bigger than yours in the picture, and I'm sure that as a Farnsworth, it is impossible for her head to be bigger than yours :P

Amanda said...

Well, this guy got Grant pretty close, but that doesn't really look much like Ashley at all :) It's cute though.

Seth said...

I just wonder why he gave Grant darker lips/lipstick than Ashley. Whats up with that?