Saturday, January 17, 2009


I own precious few actual maternity clothes--several really cute shirts my Mom bought for me before I was out of the first trimester and a pair of jeans we bought a little before Thanksgiving. It's not because my husband won't let me get any. It's not because we can't afford any. It's because this is the same person who as a girl never informed her mother she needed new anything because she thought she was doing fine even if her underwear had holes in them--they were still wearable. I just don't get around to doing things like that.

Well, trouble is, you can procrastinate buying maternity clothes if you want, but whether you're prepared or not, you get more and more pregnant.

So how have I been avoiding it? Well, I was at my very skinniest ever
when I got pregnant and I had lost some weight since coming home from my mission, so I made it by going back up through my sizes half-way through the third trimester. I've only just this week retired the last two pairs of pants that were low-rise enough to fit zipped and buttoned and all under my belly. I might splurge and buy myself another pair of pants--but really more in anticipation of my next pregnancy instead of relief from this one, as it's due to end in four weeks from yesterday (YIKES!).

I mentioned the overalls we found and brought home from my storage unit--I totally thought I got rid of them altogether, so it was a special treat to happen upon them. I wear them almost every single day, quite literally. Every day I don't wear the overalls, I'm wearing my favorite pregnant outfit--one of Grant's shirts and sweatpants. Ohhhhh, sweet, sweet relaxation to be had in these outfits. Well, as much as can be had by a woman 8 months pregnant. And, I can get away with wearing sweats or overalls every single day because I don't work, so I don't have an office to worry about dressing up for. Though I do have a husband, but it works out because he thinks these are pretty cute. So I'm good for six days a week, but there's still the matter of church...

Several of you on Facebook might remember me complaining through my status messages about not having anything for it. My search was simple--a plain, long, black maternity skirt. I went to every store I could think of that carries maternity clothes and nothing. Most of them didn't have any skirts at all. I started clicking around online but surprisingly no one had anything. I was getting fairly distressed because this seems like a staple item in a wardrobe, y'know? Grant and I went out a couple of Saturdays ago to the several local thrift stores nearby to give it one last shot...and success! For $2! Woohoo!

Funny thing is--this isn't even a maternity skirt. It's an amazingly long 2XL skirt that I pull all the way up over my belly, see? I wasn't very smart about realizing that I was demonstrating this wearing a black sweater, but you can see if if you enlarge the image. Clever trick, eh? But, it totally works, and I am soooo happy for it!

However, even though it solves my problem Elisa (a beloved mission companion--we've been described as "Siamese twins joined at the cell phone" for all the text messaging we do with each other) just didn't think that was good enough and this awesome number arrived in the mail totally unexpectedly yesterday. Isn't that sweet? I Heart her so much. And not just cus she sends me flowers on my birthday and maternity clothes when I complain. She's just a really amazing friend I happened to be blessed enough to stumble into along the way. So I've got good taste in friends and she has great taste in clothes, check it out.

I love it! I can't wait to wear it to church tomorrow. And Grant had a great idea--he suggested I go to the fabric store around the corner and buy a few other ribbons to go with it. I'm totally going to do that next week. I feel so cute I barely even notice my poor, swollen feet--it only emphasizes the priority of comfort over fashion, though.

Granted, I should have bought myself more maternity clothes--but I just didn't get around to it and now it seems a little late to blow much money, especially since I never go anywhere and if I do I wear a winter coat the whole time I'm outside the apartment.

But hey, this is only the first one. I'll remember to stock up next time around.


Danielle said...

Aw, that is a super cute dress. It's always nice to find something you can feel pretty in even when you're body is screaming "I'm a beached whale!" (or am I the only one who felt that way?)

Danielle said...

P.S. Love the feet, you poor girl. A few weeks before Grant was born a woman at church I barely knew looked at my poor feet jammed into real shoes and said, "Oh my gosh, just wear flip flops to church!" And I did every Sunday after that. Of course, it's a bit chilly where you're at for that. But I think it's totally acceptable for you to go to church in a pair of thick cozy socks. Totally acceptable.

Michelle said...

Cute dress!! Thrift stores a great for maternity clothes. I bought a lot of my maternity stuff for $2-3, and most of my kids clothes come from thrift stores too. Aynwho, my take on maternity clothes is that shirts are nice, but for me, pants are a necessity. That big thick band gives your belly a lot of support. I was like you with Nora, but more that we couldn't afford them, and when I finally gave in, I noticed that my back stopped hurting as much.

I also have a really sesitive belly when I'm pregnant, I can't have things digging into it or even touching it at all. Not even arms or hands, it drives Dave crazy at night, because I'm always moving his arm when we cuddle! Anyway, you might be getting a couple boxes from me, because after I'm done with this one, you can have all my maternity stuff!! (I'm getting rid of everything, so that when baby fever for #4 starts, I can talk myself out of it by reminding myself that I have nothing for a baby ;))

Anonymous said...

That is a very cute dress. And you are very very pregnant. All I can say is wow. I never bought a maternity skirt, I just wore elastic waist skirts under my belly in the front (so all my skirts were longer in the front and looked kind of funny. Just had to make sure I always had a nice long shirt, that's not easy to do when you are 8 months pregnant. I totally have a picture where like 2 or 3 inches of my stomach are hanging out the bottom of my shirt and I had absolutely no idea.