Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting ready...

With four weeks and counting, I figure it's time to be ready to go to the hospital. And I'm trying even harder to be calm about that. Well, I haven't gotten my stuff in order but I do have everything set aside to put in the bag for Kendra.

First, a cozy little ensemble with a sleeper and socks from my Mom and one of the caps we bought for our little coming Valentine.

And Grant's Mom, like us, hasn't forgotten we're having a baby smack dab in the middle of a Chicago winter (yes, there's still plenty of winter left for us after mid-February) and said she kept passing this nice fuzzy coat up at Wal-Mart and finally just broke down and bought it for her.

My favorite is my sister's touch. She is quite pleased to claim that she bought her niece her very first accessory.

And do you see? The hat Aunt Haley bought her totally matches the coat Grandma Jackie did!

Turns out, babies are super fun to spoil. And girls even more so than boys.

And shoot, this stuff is all perfectly practical that we would have bought for her anyway!

So dang cute. And she's not even here yet...


Amanda said...

How completely adorable. I can't wait!

Seth said...

Kristina is gonna be jealous (she LOVES little girl clothes).

Peterson Family said...

I was packed for the day of arrival two months before I had her, it's too exciting. I love the hat, she will be so cute in it and she will have to wear it because she will be too small to pull it off.
Love the Christmas pictures and the pregnancy pictures, I wish I would have documented my pregnancy better I only have a couple pictures of me pregnant (in the late stages).

Laura said...

Oh, I'm so excited you found one -- a MAGIC suit! When Cami was an infant, she struggled to fall asleep until we found what you called a "coat" - but we used it for her to sleep in. It kept her warm and it also kept her arms from twitching and waking her up as she was drifting off to sleep. We called it her "Magic suit" because it made putting her to sleep magically easier!