Thursday, January 15, 2009


Those of you who have been reading our blog for a while know I've been keeping a very detailed (bordering on T(oo)M(uch)I(nformation) really) account of this pregnancy. Turns out, it's pretty fascinating and it's our first time so everything is super duper interesting to us. You might remember the first time we witnessed from the outside the bump protruding from my belly was actually something living.

By the seventh month, the baby can hear outside the womb and a couple of weeks ago all three of my pregnancy newsletters announced that her hearing is fully developed. Neat!

Today, I was doing the dishes--so my belly was at sink level--and as I was fiddling with my stack of clean plates (because I like to load the small ones into the drying rack first with the big ones behind them--yes, don't ask me why but I really have to do it that way) and there was a big, loud clanging of dishes in the process. It startled me quite a bit but what was super fascinating is that as I jumped from being startled by the noise, Kendra moved in a very major way at the exact same moment.


Granted, it could have just been totally random that she moved when the dishes clanged. But she totally could have heard it and it startled her too and that's why there was a sudden huge movement!

I'll probably think it's less sweet when she's out here and she's crying when she gets startled by something, but today I couldn't help but take a moment to rub my hand over my belly and actually ask out loud, "Oh, did that scare you?"

Ready or not, this baby girl is coming. And fast. I'm due February 13th--four weeks from tomorrow.



Danielle said...

I believe it! When I was about 34 weeks with Justin, we went out to do some target practice. I finally had to go sit in the car because Justin jumped so hard every time someone fired. It was hurting me the way he jumped!

Kristina said...

I also have to order the dishes with the smallest in front. My mom INSISTED that the dishes get cleaner that way :)

Michelle said...

That's interesting. Layni was born with a blockage in her ears that kept her from hearing, at all. Maybe that's why she was the least active of all my babies. I seriously would have days, where I was like, "You in there kid??". Of course, now that the blockage is cleared she makes herself very known! She stands in the kitchen doorway and yells, "Mommy!" until I come over to her, then she smiles and runs away. Somedays I wish she still couldn't hear... ;)

(I'm just kidding, when she couldn't hear, I worried much more about her, and wouldn't go back to that for anything! But the constant "Mommy!" does get obnoxious, and I wish she were quieter.)

Seth said...

That must be way interesting to have another person inside of you. No man will over know what that is like. Does that thought still seem strange to you (that there is something inside your belly that isn't you), or are you used to it by now?

It just seems like...WOW.

Ketchesons said...

How funny! isn't weird though? that a little person is inside you? and when you see her out you are going to wonder, how did you fit in here??

Peterson Family said...

I love this stuff! Seriously everything is so new and amazing. The baby is growing at such a fast rate and when things like that happen you really realize, "Wow, there really is a living baby in my belly!"
Holy cow, I bet your excited... any day now!

Lily said...

How exciting! What a beautiful moment of moving in-sync with your daughter. Just think: this is only a small preview of countless more such moments to come!