Monday, February 2, 2009

What's wrong with us?

Friday, I posted an awesome picture from my ultrasound earlier that morning--something that would make any proud parents just sigh and coo in awe. Our beautiful baby girl. Precious.

Grant asked to see the other pictures they printed up for me and I handed them over telling him, "Well, they're not very good--you can't really see anything." However, upon closer examination we looked...and is that...? can't see that on an ultrasound can you? Surely not...but it does look an awful lot like a...face!

We turned the picture and we were pretty sure that's what we were looking at. We could see eyes, a nose and two little nostrils and a mouth. Wow!

However, we weren't very excited about our discovery. Why, you might ask? What parent wouldn't want to and be completely thrilled about having a perfect face shot of their child in the womb?

Because it looks demented!! The image disturbed us so much we couldn't stand looking at it for too long! And talk about an onslaught of guilt complexes--we're staring at this picture with horror wondering what we've got growing inside of me because the picture we're seeing almost isn't at all human. I zoomed in and painted the features we thought we were seeing on for reference.

AHH! What the heck is this?!

Luckily, we have a med student in the family! And med students look at LOTS of ultrasound pictures, so I forwarded these to him to see 1) if we're imagining things and 2) why the heck our baby looks so weird if it is what we think it is.

Seth made us feel soooo much better by replying that, yes it was a picture of our baby's face and--it's perfectly normal looking for an ultrasound picture. The ultrasound doesn't show her eyelids, or even really her nose--just a big hole in her face, etc. I tried to keep that perspective as I remembered that they use this thing to look at her internal organs and bones. Ain't exactly gonna get the same effect as the DSLR we got to record her every living moment. He also showed us a couple of other ultrasound pictures of faces and one of them not quite as far along as we are now looked exactly like this.

So we can relax. Our little Kendra isn't a demented alien creature. Thank goodness. I can't speak for Grant but I was feeling like the worst mother ever for thinking my baby was absolutely hideous!

I really wish they could have gotten a picture of what I saw when the technician looked for her femur. For a moment on the screen I totally got a shot of a little leg, complete with fat rolls. Talk about CUTE!

Cute. That's what she is. Not a demented alien creature. Beautiful baby girl.


Grant said...

BTW seth actually sent us a picture of some other baby getting ultrasounded and she looks exactly like kendra does. Little pig noses and spooky devil eyes are completely normal in an ultrasound.


Danielle said...

Aw, she will be beautiful. Ultrasounds are funny things. When I was pregnant with Grant I had a dream that he was a horribly ugly baby and I was worried I'd never be able to love him. Good thing he turned out so cute-- he's easy to love. :)

The Harmon's said...

Don't feel like a bad mom. I think all of us stress about whether our kids are going to be cute. I think we all want a baby that people look at in awe. It's completely normal! She will be a beauty!

Steven and Kathy said...

You are so cute and funny! It is so interesting what Pregnancy can do to us.

Scott and Kel said...

That is hilarious!!! Oh the worries...She's going to be adorable! One day you can all laugh about the alien baby :)

Laura said...

Hahahaha. That is too funny. I can't believe you put graffiti on your ultrasound picture! ;o) hahaha. I guess I don't remember what our ultrasound picture looked like. It makes sense to worry - ALL of us do/did it! But I bet A LOT of money that she'll be absolutely, spectacularly beautiful!