Monday, February 2, 2009

New Toys

For those of you who don't have much experience with the Farns--when he gets excited, he really get excited about something. He talks about it to everyone he talks to and if it can be shown, he shows it to everyone he sees.

We've been getting pretty into the Video Chat, and it just cracks me up that at a point in every first conversation we have with people via Video Chat, he says, "Hey--lemme show you something!" Then he disappears for a moment to go get this...

I don't know much about newborns, but I know they eat often and they don't care where Mommy is in relation to them. So to save ourselves (not to mention the neighbors) time and trouble those first couple of months when she'll need to be fed several times a night we decided we definitely wanted a bassinet. And we found a pretty nice one on Craig's List for $10--woohoo! It has attachments you can put on the legs to make it a rocking bassinet if you like, and the whole basket comes right off the base so you can carry it around. Pretty cool! Right now, it's stashed behind the bedroom door but we'll pull it up to my side of the bed when she gets here, at least at first.

He loves showing it off, and though the face is accurate he always does it without the onesie. The onesie is actually something I left in there. Sometimes, I get a little freaked out when I contemplate what birth actually means (it's been getting a little real...) and to calm myself down, I lie down in bed and spread out this onesie beside me and look at it and suddenly it isn't so scary. Grant's come to bed a lot of nights to find me like that.

However, I digress. It happens so easily...

The other item he looooves to show off is our carseat carrier and stroller. I'm actually quite impressed with and proud of this myself--it's our choice after thorough Farns-like research on the matter.

Turns out, there are a lot of options in the car seat and stroller department! After asking around, we decided to get a holder for the carrier instead of a combination situation that's a whole stroller that you attach the carrier onto. This seemed a lot better for these Farnsworths--light, easy to collapse, sturdy and very affordable. The carrier snaps on and off the frame of the stroller very easily and I really like that I'll only have actually handle her once to leave and once when we get home, no matter how many stops we make along the way (unless she needs a feeding or diaper change, of course). And something I didn't realize about it before but was really glad to notice is that this way, I'll actually be able to see her while I'm pushing her around. No can do on those larger, coordinated stroller/car seat combos. So nice. Especially for the first-time mommy without a clue.

I'd still like to know why there was over a $100 difference on Amazon between different versions of the same dang car seat model...

It's nice to have things so prepared and to be so satisfied with the things we've acquired. I enjoy watching Grant show it all off for a few reasons. First, it's just funny. He's a grown man, yet thrilled over a bassinet and a stroller and other proof he's an expectant father. But then the fact that he's so genuinely thrilled means so much in and of itself. Grant's very much a What-You-See-is-What-You-Get and he's not the type to put on airs or fronts or pretend he's anything that he's not. His sincere enthusiasm throughout pregnancy has made it sooo much easier on me.

Granted, he also gets excited to show people his tarantulas or our new hissing cockroaches...but the look on his face every time he's just gotta show someone our baby stuff is quite endearing indeed.

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Danielle said...

There's something about setting up the bassinet that makes it all feel real. Having a baby is so crazy, isn't it?