Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few more pictures

A few pictures from our first day at home. These were taken as we tried to wake her up for some feeding. At first she was sleeping all swaddled up

We unswaddled her and lifted her arms hoping that would rouse her

But it didn't, so we undressed her a bit more

Finally we changed her diaper. That did the trick. She's a very mellow baby. How could someone sleep 20 hours a day and not be mellow? :)

Also, here's a video of her in the first moments of her life.

And when they gave her to Ashley


Beckie said...

She is PERFECT! And SO Beautiful!!!

Danielle said...

Could you just stop with the cuteness already? It's making me want another one itty bitty one. And goodness knows we don't need that around here!

Seth said...

Kendra is like "That light is so bright!!! I have never used my little eyes"

So cute though. What a wonderful video.

Michelle said...

OMG, I LOVE babies!!! She is so cute. If the undressing and diaper changing doesn't work (and I've had babies sleep through both of those!), try a cold washcloth under the arms and between her legs. Some people say to use ice, but that always seemed really cruel to me. A cool cloth seemed to make my girls be like, "whoa, that was kinda cold, give me something to warm up with mama". Ice was like "HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME WOMAN!!!".

Archie said...

Kendra seems to be getting off to a good start. Good lungs and pleasingly chubby. May the Lord bless her and her precious parents as well.

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is so darn cute!!! She looks so pretty. Is there another way to say it?

I have to second Danielle, quit making the rest of us want a new baby of our own.

Laura said...

Oh, I just wanted to grab her and hold her close when she was crying on the changing table - she seems so frightened with nothing to hold her arms and legs in any more. Hey, there ain't nothin' wrong with a mellow baby! The alternative is a lot harder to deal with, believe me! :) Enjoy this amazing honeymoon time together with Kendra before real life has to resume again. ;o)

Ketchesons said...

Oh she is so adorably perfect!!!
I haven't forgotten about my gift to Ashley I was out of town but I am getting it today.
Congratulations again, she is darling.

Lily said...

she is SO GORGEOUS!!! oh my gosh, congratulations to you both on having a perfectly beautiful daughter!!!

Jami said...

that is the most perfectly cute newborn I have ever since. She came out all clean, and pink, and not cone head like.
She is so happy with you. When Grace came out she looked terrible. She had sat in the birth canal for like 45 mins. AND THEN she screamed when they handed her to me!

Debbie said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I love the video and hearing the brand-new-baby noises. There is absolutely nothing in the world like those sounds.