Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They PLUMP when you cook em!

Last night we took a video of something that has had quite the impact on our lives. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so here are bunch of pictures all streamed together...that's like millions of words! Just for you!


They actually plump up when he squeezes them, did you see that?

Momma warned me about this, but I'm still blown away.


Danielle said...

You poor, poor girl! Though the video was pretty funny. Is there any place you can go swimming? And indoor rec center or something? That really helps with the swelling. In fact, I could tell a difference for a day or two after I'd gone swimming. Plus, being in the water feels so dang good!!

But if not, hang in there girl! You can do it!

Kristina said...

Poor pregnant feet!

Amanda said...

Ouch! :-(

Jacqueline said...

The fact that the prints of his fingers stay so long is proof that it is just temporary water. Elevate those feet above your heart level, right now! Sitting in a tepid bath feels good to them too. Or you could soak the feet alone in cold water. Or how about we just get that baby born!?! Actually, Laura had another spell of swelling after the birth. Good luck

Laura said...

I finally got that video to work! I kept trying and trying this morning. Now, all I have to say is, "OUCH!!!!!" That's sweet that Grant asks if it's worth it and you instantly smile. What a sweet couple - so loving to each other. I watched your wedding video again this morning and cried. :)