Friday, February 6, 2009

Hangin' Tight

Isn't this great? My sister gave it to me. Classic. The tally marks on the wall are at 39--which I think means weeks as a pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks. We're at 39 today. Woohoo!

I've been getting the "How are you feeling?" phone calls, emails, texts and Facebooks for about a week now--which is really funny because they started right when my joking pregnancy newsletter said I would. I'm doing pretty well--my feet/legs have suddenly swollen up and the water retention is absolutely fascinating. It's amazing how sensitive they are to pressure... It's really ugly to look at but it doesn't hurt--you'd think it would from how deformed my feet are. Everybody in the doctor's office noticed my feet (I was wearing pink flats because they're a size too big and I didn't even bother with socks so I could soak up some cold therapy) and looked at me with pity and murmured, "Oh...your poor feet..." I met with the pediatrician as well who did the same thing. It doesn't hurt or I really that big of a freak?

Oh, and the doctor says I'm all closed up. I've felt a couple of small contractions but no "real" ones and not much action to report at all. I'm kind of jealous of all the other soon-to-be mommies on Yahoo Answers who aren't as far along and saying, "I'm x% effaced and x cm dilated..." Lucky.

But I'm just chillaxing for now. It's kind of interesting...and I don't think I've wrapped my brain around it all yet. For now, Grant and I are just enjoying our time together. He keeps making labor-encouraging comments. He's really excited to stay home with me from work for a while. :) I am too!

So, we've got the carseat, just need to install the thing. The bag is...sort of packed. I've been stocking the freezer so we won't have to worry too much about cooking anything for a good little while. We're just kinda waiting around for a baby to show up...

In the meantime though, where do I sign up for cartoon chick's legs and ankles? Those aren't the elephant trunks I'm waddling around on and I want me some of what she's got...


Danielle said...

You are lucky your feet don't hurt! Each night I'd beg Caleb to massage my feet and he'd give a pained look, poke at them a couple times and then quit, hoping I'd be okay with just that. As if. Everything ached at the end. Scratch that. Everything ached from about 2 months on. Count yourself lucky!! :)

Ashley said...

See--I knew better than to publicly complain! I all up and think, "Wow, I'm really suffering, I'm earning my membership in the Mommy Club!" but dude, everybody else has had it SO much worse!

Scott and Kel said...

Yay...down to the last week! (til due date anyway) It HAS gone fast, but I'm not the one with the kid in me, so what do I know? I just remember you coming to see me when I was still pregnant and here you are farther along than I was! Seriously though, I do need your address sent to me. Can you leave a comment on my blog or email it to me Thanks and GOOD LUCK-you'll be great!!

Michelle said...

Poor Ashley!! I've had lots of problems with pregnancy, but never swelling. That must suck!! But the good news is that within a few days of giving birth, you'll go back down to, I won't say normal, but a smaller size. Better to be swollen than to have gained like 80 lbs.

And a word to the wise. Pack sometime to do in your hospital bag. I forgot with Layni, and seriously sat staring out the window for like 6 hours a day! A book, a deck of cards, a crochet project, something to keep you occupied. And bring something cute to wear, hospital gowns get really old really fast, and I just felt fat, nasty and lazy wearing PJ's. But then again, I'm not one of those people that can wear PJ's all day. After about 10 am, it really bugs me. This time around, I'm bringing elastic waisted peasant skirts and t-shirts. And here's something that someone told me when I was pregnant with Nora, which you can take for whatever you want, I liked it, but some people look at me like I'm crazy. I don't wear my G's at the hospital. For a couple reasons.

1) When learning how to breastfeed, I've found it's best to take off your top anyway. It's easier to figure out what's going on if you're not worrying about layers of fabric.
2)You'll be bleeding, A LOT. And they give you these really sexy stretchy panty things to hold the gianormous pads in place. I found it was easier to just wear those, and it reduced stains.
3) You're going to be poked a prodded, A LOT. And I found it was easier to just have on the stretchy panties, or regular underwear, so that when someone came in once an hour, I didn't have to mess with my G's.

Like I said, some people are really uncomfortable with that, and that's cool, but I've found that it works really well for me!! (But I always put them back on when I get home, because it's weird not wearing them!)

And if you can't tell, I'm an open book, so if you ever want to talk about anything, just call or e-mail!!!

Laura said...

That's an awesome cartoon! And so darn true. Come on, kid, get off your duff and start comin' already! :) Good luck, Ashley!! I'm hoping and praying that everything goes well and soon this will all be but a memory and you'll have an adorable little girl in your arms.

Anonymous said...

I suppose no one's mentioned to you yet that first pregnancies last for an average of 41.5 weeks? Well, maybe they have. In any case, she already missed being born on the MOST AWESOME DAY EVER, so she might as well shoot for something slightly interesting, like Valentine's. ;)

P.S. This is "other" Ashley... and you never returned my phone call. :D