Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pop goes the weasel

Turns out, I'm pretty easily entertained. Especially by my body. This has actually always been true and pregnancy has taken my entertainment (admitted sometimes horror) to a whole new level). However, Grant and I have both felt jipped with one thing.

My silly belly button! It was an innie like this when we started. Actually, Grant made fun of me for having a grossly inverted innie of a belly button. It fascinated him and actually appeared to gross him out at times. Eventually, as my belly grew it got stretched flat, but it never did pop.

That skin has been pulled tight for months--there isn't a layer of fat under it (that's located a little farther down my belly, but it's there) you can feel it over the tough muscle of the uterus. But nooooothing. Nadda. Zip.

Until tonight!

Somehow, as I've been sitting around over the past couple of hours, my belly button has totally popped!

I'm kinda hoping it's like the thermometers that pop when the turkey is done...maybe this means my turkey is done cooking and the next time I mess around with the blog is with a baby in tow!

I'm not holding my breath...yet. But it's still pretty satisfying that my belly button DID pop. It's not broken or defective or so plain old weird that it wouldn't.

But no, I'm not posting a picture of my actual popped turkey timer. Trust me people, even though we think it's adorable, it's still a pregnant belly with old stretch marks all over it. Still not red or growing, amazingly, but there.


Danielle said...

Um, you totally need to add a picture. C'mon, you can make it b&w and edit out the stretch marks. :)

Sadly, my belly button has never popped either. It gets close. Does this mean none of my babies were fully cooked? Should they have gotten even bigger? *shudder*

Jacqueline said...

Does that mean maybe that the baby has dropped and is now further down?

Kristina said...

Only a little piece of mine stuck out. It was more like a little triangle at the top of my belly button so mine looked kind of weird.