Monday, July 27, 2009

An introduction to crying

We've been trying really hard to get a picture of Kendra's adorable face that she makes right before she cries. It's really hard, though. She does it for just a brief second, in between making this face
And this one....
I think these sad pictures are so adorable. At the time it can be stressful, but we have learned what makes her cry and for how long. It turns out, she never cries for more than a few seconds. However, we as we were trying to take this picture, Ashley made a crying sound and Kendra went from zero to sixty in, well, no seconds. Ashley and I felt really bad. All we wanted was the lip curl, not a fully upset baby! Well, we might not make sad sounds again for a long time because we are traumatized. We like to think we have a very, very happy baby.

See that colorful mat behind her? I bought that when I had a loft bed so it wouldn't hurt my feet when I jumped off the bed. Who would have thought it would become the most useful thing ever for my children. It's soft-ish, textured a little, and there's friction so she can move around. And barf cleans up really easily. I think I mentioned before that Kendra has learned to roll from her back onto her stomach. However, to go from her stomach to her back she does this

Actually it's usually a slightly more aggressive superman pose, with arms and legs held high in the air. She'll hold that position for as long as it takes...minutes on end. I think she learned it while on the bed propped against a pillow of some kind. If you do that on an inclined surface you are likely to roll over. It also works in the middle of the room because if she does this (and she often accompanies it with an adorable little sigh) one of her parents will come roll her over. Ashley thinks she can roll onto her back, but I haven't really seen it. She definitely prefers others to do the rolling.

She's getting pretty good at eating peas and rice mush these days. And she loves squash. Tomorrow we are going to dry her on oatmeal mush. Mmmmmm. If she loves that, you'll know she's Daddy's little girl!


Jacqueline said...

What adorable sweet little sad faces! She is so cute! She is also one clever girl if she has figured out how to get someone to do the rolling for her. It is all in the adorableness.

Danielle said...

LOL! She looks all serious in that last one. Like hanging out with her arms doesn't take any effort at all. I'd be sore for days if I tried that.

Kristina said...

I absolutely love that first picture! You can see in her eyes exactly what she is thinking. So cute!