Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nice Day for an Outing

A Farnsworth-Sized Trip

We are usually serious home bodies (we kind of freak out when we look at relatives' blogs and they are always out traveling and hiking and stuff), but the weather went from hot to amazing this week, so today we decided to take a little outing as a family to a small park that we call the rose garden.

We had the idea of having Kendra sniff the flowers and get lots of fun pictures as we expose her to things outside of our house (we are trying to expand her horizons). Alas, this is what the trip was like for her

She loves that carseat. Still it was a wonderful little outing, and this was one of the first places Ashley and I visited when we got married (we walked there from the little studio we were living in at the time), so it brings back a lot of nice memories. Life is so different now, but in the nice ways, it's very much the same.

Here's a picture of us when we went last year. We look so young, don't we?

This was also one of the first times we've taken our sweet camera outdoors. We had lots of fun photographing the fountain with our sweet, sweet camera. Long shutter speed and the water looks all silky, really quick shutter speed and the apparent stream of water shooting up is seen for what it is...a bunch of individual drops.

Actually you have to have seen what a solid stream this looked like in real life to really appreciate it. Oh well, we were there and appreciate it, and that's what counts.

Kendra News

Kendra has been making several significant developments. One of the most noteworthy is that she has learned that she has feet. They are pretty much her favorite toys now.

The other big news is that she has learned to roll over and loves to do it all the time. That is, she can roll from her back onto her stomach. We have yet to see her roll from her stomach back onto her back. Actually it's quite a problem at the moment because she will roll onto her stomach at night and then wake up and cry because she doesn't know how to roll back and doesn't like to sleep on her stomach. I guess she couldn't be the perfect sleeper forever. Hopefully she will learn that she can roll back to her back soon as well...that way mommy and daddy can go back to sleeping through the night!


Jacqueline said...

What a nice day for an outing. Nice park. Love, love, love the picture of playing with her feet. I am amazed that she rolls from her back to stomach. Usually they do the other way first. She will figure that one out quickly if you put her on her stomach with toys around her on a blanket on the floor.

Kristina said...

How pretty! I'm sure it's good for Kendra to get outside even if she just sleeps through it. It won't be long before you won't be able to keep her inside :P And you know, the only reason it seems like we all go out a lot is because that's all we ever blog :) Really we are serious homebodies too. Though it does help to have a little one bringing you shoes and saying "oushide" all the time :)
Anyway, It's funny that she rolls back to front. Rolling front to back seems so much easier because they can us their big heads to get momentum. Anyway, once Simeon got the hang of rolling both ways he was rolling everywhere. Why crawl when you can book it across the room with a few good rolls?

Belkycita said...

I love little walks to the park :-) Kendra looks like she enjoyed herself very much :-)
Good luck with the rolling, it seems to me that when you get a good routine down it lasts for a week and then something new shows up!
The good thing is that it will always get better.

Peterson Family said...

Watch out, she will be running around before you know it! I remember those good old days when Kaydence would just stay in her car seat, it made church so easy! She is so adorable sleeping in her car seat.

Danielle said...

Hey, any size trip out of the house is worthwhile! And what a beautiful place to go! You'll probably want to get out more once Kendra is running around. Active toddlers make houses feel small. And I love that she's playing with her feet. I think it's adorable.