Monday, July 20, 2009

Toeses are roses!

Yes, "toeses". (Don't worry, I hadn't heard of where it came from either.)

They are Kendra's favorite new toy.

Though she has figured out to smile when we pull out the camera...and make goofy faces at her.

Sometimes, she makes goofy faces right back.

Doesn't that just crack you up?!

In other news, we acquired some new baby food to try. After rice cereal (and small pieces of our fruit bars and maybe even a taste or two of jello) the first real food she had was peas. Because that's what someone who had some baby food they never used gave us.

However, she was less than impressed with her first tastes of it.

We're hoping this doesn't rule out all hope of liking vegetables altogether. Then we realized it was probably pretty nasty to just give her a straight up spoonful. She tolerates it MUCH better when just a dab is mixed in with her rice cereal.

However, whether she eats her veggies or not, at the end of the day, she's still our sweet, smiling, darling little girl.

Oh, how we love her so!

For the record, that's the outfit I had her in because that's what the temperature outside dictated. In the middle of July. With long sleeves.


Jacqueline said...

Yeaugh, have you ever tastes baby food peas. No wonder they are less than impressed. Nice that she is trying things though. What cute toeses. I'd play with them too if I were there.

Beckie said...

could she get any cuter!!!
we always mixed the baby food with the rice/oat cereal. They liked it that it was thicker, made it easier to eat.

Kristina said...

Cute! Simeon used to do the same thing with his toes - sit and pick them up like that. He was a little ham around that time too. Whenever he saw the camera he'd start smiling and making cute faces. I loved it. Now he's way to busy for the camera.
I don't know what it is about green veggies but they all taste a million times like nastiness when they are pureed. Simeon was a huge fan of carrots. They are a great first veggie because they are kind of sweet. I used to mix other veggies with applesauce and that helped too. But whether she eats them now or not she's not doomed! Once they discover ranch dressing then kids thing veggies are the most amazing thing in the world :P

Belkycita said...

Oh I tried and tried but I can't keep myself away. she is too "I want to eat her now" cute!

Try squash, or sweet potatoes, not only they are sweeter but they are also easy on their tummy, green ones will most likely block their other end and their diapers will smell worse.

Seth said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy these posts!

Kathleen said...

I heard it takes some crazy of number of times, like 7, or 14 or something, for a baby to really accept or reject a flavor. I gave each veggie a few tries (in a row, no others between) and my girls would eat every single veggie. I also went through each veggie before trying fruit. They ended up being pretty good eaters. If you were interested in my two cents =)

Peterson Family said...

Hey don't give up feeding her the different foods. My doctor told me the same thing Kathleen wrote and even now things that Kaydence use to really dislike now she will all the sudden start to really like them! That picture totally cracked me up of her eating that nasty food ;) She is such a cute little chubbers, I love it. Kaydence was the chunks of chunks! Some of her features remind me of Grace (Jamie and Spencers little girl). Absolutely adorable!!!