Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Morning People

This weekend, I wasn't feeling well, so Grant got up with Kendra and took care of her in the morning so I could stay in bed a little while longer. He commented how much happier she is in the morning--she's always a very pleasant baby but he noticed that she's more active and happy first thing in the morning (he misses that because she's always asleep when he leaves for work, because she is, in fact, the world's best sleeper).

I'm a night owl by nature but as a nanny-then-missionary-then-homemaker, I've learned that there is something magic about the morning hours and you can get about fifty times more done during them than any other hours of the day. So, I use them.

Grant however...

Well. I think that speaks for itself.


Jacqueline said...

Priceless! It's a good thing he is so charming the other parts of the day.

Danielle said...

That. is. awesome.

Belkycita said...


Kristina said...

very great. I happen to hate mornings. But you are right. If I don't get stuff done in the mornings it doesn't get done. Lately a lot of stuff hasn't been getting done :(

And why is it that kids are so happy in the mornings? We always say it is just plain wrong. Simeon is just always so excited to be awake.

Beckie said...

sorry you were not feeling well!

That is so true about the quiet morning hours!
But I just enjoy that quiet time at night way to much. I need to be better at going to bed at a good time! Not get caught up in reading blogs, playing on facebook, watching shows saved on TIVO, read a book, make crafts, see I have LOTS of excuses.