Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Good Parenting

Today I was at the library to pick up a book for Grant and there was a huge line of people waiting to check out books. When I took a closer look at the throng, though, I noticed that it was all large groups of Moms with kids so it was moving fairly quickly. Kendra was being her usual adorable self looking around at anything and everything with a huge flower on her head and cooing to boot to really win on-lookers affection.

I heard, "Look at the baby!!" about 40 times in 5 minutes.

In front of us was a woman with a son about nine or ten or so. She saw Kendra and said to her son, "Look at the baby!! Look! You used to look like that, you know."

The kid stopped fidgeting and took a good look at Kendra, who peered back at him.

"I used to have white stuff all over my face?"

I had her in the Moby Wrap, which doesn't give the wearer the best view of her face and she had barfed all over herself without my notice. Awesome. I didn't have a cloth with me, but was only 60 degrees here today so I wiped her face with my long sleeve to make due--just call me the "Human Kleenex".

Parenting: FAIL!


Seth said...

lol, that's a funny story!

Kristina said...

Ha ha, well at least you didn't wipe it of with your hand and lick it or anything. Seth and I are always joking about the gross things mom are willing to do, like lick baby saliva off their own hands because there's nothing else to do with it. And no it's not MY personal experience but a story that Seth likes to tell :)

Danielle said...

Spit up or not, it's no wonder people love to look at Kendra. Have you noticed how adorable she is? (I'm sure you have!) But that is funny. And Kristina-- I'm gagging at the thought of licking baby saliva off my hands. Ew. There's a lot of gross parenting stuff I can put up with, but licking off saliva?? Eek. :)

People "ooh and aah" over Kendra because she's cute, and people "ooh and aah" over Grant because he's huge. I can't go more than a few yards in any store without people stopping me to tell me what a fat kid I have (in a nice way). It's funny, unless I'm in a hurry.