Monday, July 27, 2009

After bathtime

Bathtime in the Farnsworth household is a very grievous time. I'm not sure where we went wrong, because supposedly most babies love bathtime. But Kendra has pretty much decided that baths=death. And she reminds us of that by crying very loudly from the time she touches the water until we take her out. I won't take any naked, angry baby pictures, but luckily afterward, with a little love an assurance from Mommy, she comes right around

Don't you love that little towel/robe? We bought it at a garage sale for 25 cents. She's our cute little ducky.

I don't particularly have much of a story to go with this one, but Ashley insists that we include it. We took it because she was doing such a good job of sitting up in the crook of my arm. Such a good little sitter.
The day is clearly at hand when she will be able to sit up herself with no support. Sigh.


Jacqueline said...

shouldn't this little girl be in a soap commercial or something. Such a charmer in her ducky towel. Some kids just don't like baths. Heber always did, Rebecca didn't and with Nathan it took 2 of us and a lot of hysterical screaming to get through it. But Kendra loves being cuddled, you can tell.

Seth said...

I'm glad you included that last picture. It is definitely a cute one and it is cute to see Grant and Kendra together.

I love that ducky outfit

Danielle said...

My Grant didn't really like baths in the beginning either. When I laid him down in just an inch of water, he'd start gasping for breath like he thought I as drowning him. Poor kid. But he loves it now!!

And that ducky towel is adorable! But it might be mostly because there's an adorable baby in it!!

Kristina said...

So cute. Fortunately she doesn't look too traumatized :) I love those big smiles!

Peterson Family said...

I love it, you are truly a Richardson when you say what a great deal you got on something! I love yard sales and I must say Kendra looks absolutely adorable in that duck towel (cutest duck I've EVER seen)! She is just getting so big!

Kathleen said...

My mom told me she thought our apartment neighbors were going to call child services everytime she had to wash my hair.
As happy as she looks in her towell, she couldn't have been too upset.

Scott and Kel said...

I can't believe how grown up she is!! It's so much fun being a Mommy huh? (and Daddy)