Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up

Grant and I were clicking through our photo archives and we decided to share a few beauts that somehow didn't make it here in a timely manner after they were taken.

We begin with the beginning of our family. This is when we got our marriage license (the thing you need before you get married and then you have to wait some period of time after to make sure you're not high or something when you decide to get married). There were 2 ladies helping people, and I ain't kidding 3 other couples got theirs from the other lady while ours was helping us! In our excitement of the moment, Grant whipped out his camera and snapped this shot. However, in the moment afterward everyone in the room yelled at us for taking it. I was seriously afraid they were going to confiscate his camera. We lucked out.

Ahhhhh. Our first summer together in our little honeymoon studio by Northwestern. So many good times! Getting accustomed to married life and enjoying the simple things. Like eating artichokes. in your pajamas.

Then there's the Farnsworth family reunion last summer. How did we miss that?! It was here I realized I was a married woman and had officially lost my ability to wear cutesy t-shirts with dinosaur prints on them. Even if they were only five dollars. This one went into the work out clothes drawer after this trip.

A few of our nieces. They're pretty awesome. Though they dote on Grant noticeably less since he brought a wife home, apparently.

While we were there, one of our nephews made himself Grant's shadow where ever he went. You might even say he was attached to his leg.

A little later, we got a tripod and tested it with this shot. Such a happy family!

I also had the priviledge of visiting one must-see for anyone who is associated with the Farns...
...the Rock Museum!

This really is a neat little shop. There's all sorts of cool things in there.

Then, there's my first (and mostly likely my last) attempt to make strawberry pie out of frozen strawberries.

While it gets an A for taste (come on, strawberries and sugar in between 2 crusts?), it looks awful. Oh, well. Grant still enjoyed it.

And speaking of food, we replaced the waffle iron our friend moving out of town gave us with this.

Seriously, I'll be making waffles for my grandchildren with this bad boy. We had to make an extensive search for an iron that didn't make Belgian waffles (with the large squares, this one's got small squares). Perfect for my grandmother's french cookie recipe!

And what could be in this box, you ask?

Our video camera! We've been making good use of it, no?

My visiting teacher threw me a lovely baby shower at the end of January--thanks again ladies, it was so much fun! I have used or will use all of this!

When my belly got to the right size, I was able to preform some amazing tricks. Here's one of them.
Yes, we definitely had ourselves some fun with that belly.

Our last shot is another exciting moment for our family...we took this one on the way out the door to go to the hospital to have Kendra. We were hoping to be parents 24 hours later. We only had to wait another 36 hours after that. Meh. She was totally worth it. Good times!

We have so much fun keeping this blog--we hope you all have fun keeping up with it too!


Jacqueline said...

What nice memories. Pictures are a good way to remember. We love how you share pictures and your happinesses with everyone. Love you.

Lybi said...

What an eventful first year! You guys are so cute and happy. I really love your blog and seeing what a sweet family you are. Mweh! That is a kiss to the 3 of you.

Jacqueline said...

WHAT??! I can't wear cutesy t-shirts with dinosaur prints any more. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Danielle said...

Great post!! And LOL about the nieces not doting on Grant much. My niece Hannah told me she hoped I never got married so I would "always be fun." Good thing that prayer went unanswered!