Thursday, December 25, 2008


First, the obligatory holiday greeting! We never sent out wedding announcements thinking, "We'll just send out a nice holiday card with a picture from our wedding..." but never got to those either. I promise to do better next year, and you will all have pictures of our baby girl wearing a goregous smile (because with Grant's and my genes individually, let alone combined, you know she's going to have one) and a headband with a really, really big bow or flower on it. I'm determined to build a wicked collection of headbands with humungous bows or flowers on them. Those are for the times I don't take her out in the onesie I saw at Wal-Mart and just know I'm going to have to buy that reads, "I'm a GIRL!"

We'll have a big, fun post on our holiday adventures. So far, we've managed a road trip that should take 5-6 but ended up taking almost EIGHT--and that was with GOOD traffic out of Chicago, and Grant and I have played Joseph and Mary for the first time a homemade nativity play (my nieces picking out parts for everyone figured I'm close enough to having the days accomplished until I give birth to give the appropriate effect).

As the time draws ever nearer (and although I'm not hoping that the doctor has missed the mark and I'll go into labor in two weeks instead of seven, I definitely want this bun to keep cooking I think I am nearing the as my dear friend from high school who recently had her first so accurately described, "Let's-Get-This-Over-With Phase") where our family grows by one, I'm ever contemplating what kind of family we'll prove to be as the years go by...

We'll Love them sooooo much. And we'll probably express that a lot, to them and each other. I'm worried that our kids will never invite their friends over because we'll still be making out in front of them when they're in high school. But, at least they'll know their parents are crazy about each other.

We'll have a boatload of Fun.
It might take us a while to figure out our own family traditions to share with them (we still haven't decided about whether or not to teach our kids about Santa--Grant's for it and I'm the Grinch but like we need to know now anyway--it'll be at least another 3 years before the one that's coming will even catch on) but we'll work it out. We'll work hard to teach them important things like Right and Wrong, the Articles of Faith and how to responsibly manage money, cook, clean and do laundry for themselves before they leave the house. But they'll also grow up knowing the ways of the Force (and that we never watch the director's cut of those movies), the difference between garden variety orks and the Uruk Hai (and that we always watch the director's cut of these), the deliciousness of Chinese food and at least a few token words and phrases in Spanish (Grant's mission language) and Hungarian (my mission language) respectively.

We'll mess up plenty too, but hopefully they won't come out of it too scathed for normal function in society. We are a little worried that they might think that "boobicles", "burnination" and "ingorify" are actual words...and we're worried about bigger things too like disabilites/diseases or any number of the personal challenges they'll face that we'll have absolutely no control over being able to fix...but we'll cross those bridges when we get there, I guess. And I reckon that they'll still be able to look back on a decent family life if we keep making sure we Love them and have Fun doing it.

But...I digress and I have been informed there are children who are eagerly awaiting a Christmas morning celebration, so I'll wrap it up there.

Merry Christmas to all!


Jacqueline said...

And a merry Christmas to you. And a wonderful future too. The trip is glorious and fun. Have a safe trip to Kansas. Love you

Jacqueline said...

By the way, you don't have to teach them about Santa. The world does that. We did our best to never mention him in our home. Unknown presents that arrived unwrapped while they were asleep never said who they were from. Still, when Heber was 3 in Jr. SS (which they still had then) the song leader asked why we celebrate Christmas, Heber answered innocently, "because we love Santa so much." Mortified me. Lots of luck

Peterson Family said...

You totally sound like me! I think that I will do Christmas cards but by the time I get around to even thinking about it its too late. I started writing "thank you" cards from our wedding gifts and wanted to make all of them sincere and personal. I only got a quarter of the way through them and never sent any of them out!
Anyway I want to send you some cute headbands, I started collecting them and making them. That is why it is so fun having a girl, you can doll them up, the bigger the better! I can't wait to see you beautiful daughter with her parents smile :)

RiLee said...

Hey...finally rememberd it...happy Christmas to you to, how you sister is at 34 weeks and waiting for her third to come out...she went into labor a couple weeks ago and is like a drug addict with all the drugs she has to take. She has never carried a baby full term, I think this is the longest and she is ready for it to come out. Wish you luck,

Danielle said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this post. I'm very interested to know the story behind "boobicles" and "burnination." Curiousity is killing me.

And I too worry Caleb and I will embarrass our children. I have to keep reminding Caleb that now that our kids are getting older and starting to remember stuff, it's probably not wise to grope me every time he walks by. Not that you wanted to know that. But the love is definitely still there. :)