Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Best Big Brother

I still have quite a bit of blogging to do from the fall and winter...but that's going to have to wait.  We have a brand spanking new baby to show off!

When Paxton was born, we were surprised by just how into the baby Elliot was. He just couldn't get enough of his baby brother.

And the same is true of his baby sister.

When we came home from the hospital, Elliot wouldn't leave the van without her.  I finally managed to convince him to get out by asking him to "help" me bring her in, which he very willingly did.

And since we've been home, he's been very eager to participate in her care.  He wants to hold her and announces many times a day, "I help take care of Baby Bridget, too."

 He's extremely loving towards her and is always ready to show his affection.

But he doesn't stop with stroking her head and kisses.  When he states his intent to help with the baby, he's dead serious.  The most common thing he helps with is burping.  He is an expert burper.

He also follows me to the changing table every time I take her there (if he's awake).  He doesn't really help much but he gives very close supervision.

And he does it while rocking a fedora.

I have wanted a big family since I realized I wanted to have my own family at all.  It's really quite something to watch it unfold and happen.  We have pretty incredible children, and I just love watching them be together.


Danielle said...

Oh I love this post! Elliot is such a sweet big brother. And I love all his outfits, especially that fedora! :) And I really, really, really want to snuggle that beautiful baby. Just seeing pictures is making my uterus itch. :)

Laura said...

What a little angel boy! And Bridgett is looking so beautiful!!! I love seeing your growing family.