Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Farnsworth Boys

From the moment Elliot laid eyes on Paxton, he has been completely hooked on his little brother.  And that's impressive, because Grant couldn't find his glasses when he brought the kids to see us at the hospital.

And while Elliot just adores this baby, he's not even 18 months old yet and is still learning a lot about how to handle an infant.  Specifically, we DO NOT poke them in the eyes or slap on their heads with an open palm (or a closed palm, for that matter).  So we end up spending most of Elliot's waking hours protecting Paxton from him.

But he is usually very, very sweet to his baby brother.  He is totally fascinated with this tiny person that has come into our home.  It won't be toooo long before they can play together and have all kinds of fun.  Though that's pretty hard to explain to Elliot at the moment (and heck, I have a hard time believing that he won't be a baby forever, even though the other two sure enough went and grew up before my very eyes)...

I don't mind being outnumbered.  I really, really love all these Farnsworth boys.


Danielle said...

Paxton looks so much like you, Ashley! I mean, I think Kendra looks a lot like you, but Paxton is your "mini-me!"

Scott and Kel said...

So cute!! You can just see the "big brother sparkle" in Elliot's eyes. Stetson still has that too from time to time, depending on what the babies are into of his. haha I love it!