Monday, May 12, 2014

The Bug Fair

Kendra has finally developed a long-term memory.  When we mentioned last year's bug fair, she totally remembered the one from the year before that she attended with Grant while Elliot and I stayed home because Paxton was only one week old.  Turns out, I'm a major home body for quite a while after I have a baby...

She was excited for days before the event.  "Mommy, is the Bugs Fair today?"  "No, Sweetie, not until Saturday."  "Is the Bugs Fair today, Mommy?"  "No, not until tomorrow.  But I'll bet they're setting it up today..." And then afterwards she mused many days, "I think the Bugs Fair is still there..."

This little girl sure does like holding bugs! (Seriously, I mean, mealworms?  I could not do that...)  And she was very happy to show her little brother all the ropes.

Although eventually, he had enough fun for one day and ended up like this for a good few minutes:

There was a fun musician there about the time we needed to sit down for a while, so we stopped and enjoyed some tunes.  Before we left, though, someone needed to dance...

It was a pretty fun day out for our family.

Last October.

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