Thursday, May 22, 2014


Elliot and I have a little conversation several times a day.  I'll ask him, "Are you my sweet, sweet boy?"  And he'll answer, "I AM your sweet, sweet boy!"  It's actually cutest when I'm trying to pull him out of a foul mood because he kinda hangs onto a little pout in his voice when he says it, but he will say it.

I spent a lot of time in my adult years prior to motherhood caring for children, and I have never met a child quite like Elliot.  He is just SO lovey and has been a snugglebug from the very start.  And he evokes such strong emotion...when this child cries from hurt feelings, a tiny piece of my soul just dies.  It's actually created quite a problem to discipline him because even lovey snugglebugs need to learn how to share toys and understand boundaries for ornery behavior.

Last week, he had an eye appointment.  He goes in several times a year and once a year they dilate his pupils get get a really good look.  They examine him, give him some drops, wait half an hour and examine him again.  He was due for this procedure at the appointment last week...and oy.

I took three of us to do it this time.  He laid in my lap while I pinned his arms down.  The doctor held his head still and a nurse pried his eye open and gave him the drops.  And we had to do it twice.  It was horrible.

He was still crying when it was over, but he choked out between sobs, "I want my glasses, please."

And when the doctor handed him his glasses, he sniffed very loudly and half-sobbed, half-whimpered, "Thank you."

My sweet, sweet boy.

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